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Crossfit Townsville Blog


October 5th, 2017

This month we introduce one of our newer recruits at CFTSV Taylor McLean or as he is more affectionately known Tiny.  The man with the luscious moustache from 5am, who is always wearing a smile.  He is a lover of muscle ups and double unders and if he feels as though he didn’t go hard enough the first time around, he’ll come back for seconds the very same day!


Athlete:   Taylor Mclean (TINY)
Grew up where: My home towns is Hervey Bay
Age: 25
Occupation:  Army 
When and how did you get started with us?
I started in April after Brendan Schmitt told me I was looking fat. 

Favourite WOD?
15.3 - Or anything I beat Jack Hill in (which is everything)

Least Favourite WOD?
Anything with running in it!

What’s the best thing about training with the CFTSV crew?
Always have a laugh with me or at me.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
My wallpaper is Ryan Fisch.

What’s your favourite flavour of Starburst?
I just eat them all. 

What keeps you coming back to CFTSV? 
To be fitter than Jack Hill, Brendan Schmitt and CrossFit legend Swanny! 

Please share with us your fondest CrossFit / CFTSV memory: 
When jack come to his first class, couldn't stop laughing at him!

Thanks Tiny for letting us get to know you a little better.

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