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Crossfit Townsville Blog

****Athlete Spotlight****

March 6th, 2018

Welcome back to Athlete Spotlight for 2018! 

For our first Spotlight this year, we are delivering January and February to you as couplet, with not one, but two of our incredible athletes who make up the dynamic duo that is Tom Givney and Nicole Cochrane. These two are both great individuals, who are known for their party antics, great sense of humour and all round community spirit/involvement. 



Tom Givney and Nicole Cochrane

Where did you both grow up? 

Tom:  I grew up in Benaraby (just outside Gladstone) on a little property. Some say this is where all strong, handsome athletes are bred. At least me and Coach Bryce do anyway…

Nicole:  Rockhampton. Moved to Townsville when I was 14. (hence not as strong and/or handsome…)


Tom: 26

Nicole: 23


Tom: Engineering Surveyor 

Nicole: Physiotherapist 

When and how did you both get started with us? 

Tom: After enjoying the Crossfit Townsville Twins Comp in 2015 I met Stricko and the team and started O lifting with Bryce twice a week for about 3 months. I realized Crossfit Townsville was champion’s league and moved over full time to train flat out. It was a good call, this place really has the depth and experience in coaching to take you anywhere you want to go with your fitness, whether you just want to live a more healthy and active lifestyle or go to the games like me and Nicole they really do have you covered. 

Nicole:  I first started at CFTSV back in 2012.  My sister Sarah and a few friends were already on the bandwagon while I was still competing in gymnastics. Once I finished my gymnastics career, I had about 6 months off then jumped straight into crossfit! I remember my very first PT with Bryce and Oatsy – I did not even know how to air squat! 

Favourite WOD: 

Tom: Running and the odd high rep, light weight squatting wod(thrusters and wall balls) seem to be a relative strength of mine, I’m not particularly strong or skilled I just go hard where I can. Any gymnastics movements bring me back down to earth pretty quick though. (crashing back down to earth I might add)

Nicole:  The complete opposite!! It’s no surprise that I love anything gymnastics/bodyweight! Toes to bar, bar muscle ups, handstand walks, box jumps. I’m clearly wayyyy more skilled then Tom… 

Least favourite WOD

Tom: Gymnastics haha.

Nicole: Thrusters are the devil!!! Also any piece of cardio equipment – especially the bloody bike!

How did the two of you meet? 

Where else but the Crossfit Townsville Box! We started doing some training together and went away for a few comps on the same team. The rest is history! 

What is it like training and competing together at CFTSV?

We love it! Twins comp together is especially fun and gives us something to work towards each year. We tend to stay away from each other at training when Nicole can be found up the front laughing with Sarah and Tom up the back with his lads. 

Do you find the two of you become competitive when it comes to the open every year? 

Definitely! The weekend is better spent away from Tom if he doesn’t live up to his expectations! He can be found watching videos and planning on how he can better his performance. It amazes me that no matter how hard he pushes, he always has a little bit more to give. 

Favourite thing to do outside of crossfit? 

Forcing my hobbies on my poor girlfriend would have to be up there. The last 3 trips out the reef on relatively calm days turned Nicole green and had her sick as a dog…. That’s love folks! Nah but spearfishing is definitely my SECOND favourite “outside of crossfit” past time, Nicole time is #1 obviously ;) 

Smooth Tom… 

We love chilling out in our down time. I love hanging out with my friends and family and leading my niece and nephew astray. I am also known to enjoy a rum or two (on special occasions of course ;) ). 

What keeps you coming back to CFTSV? 

Judging by the amount of time we have stuck around, we obviously love everything about CFTSV. We love being with people who we have trained with for years and the programming and coaching is spot on. Over the years the coaches have also turned into friends which is something pretty special.

Thanks Tommy and Nicole for letting us get to know you a little better. 


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