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Crossfit Townsville Blog

Saturday: Twins Comp Today!!!

July 14th, 2017

Saturday sees us run our 8th annual Tropic Thunder Games Day.  We have evolved a hell of a lot since our very first comp back in 2010 that was held in the car park of the NQ Physio Centre.  That was an individual comp with about 20 participants and while we are still doing car park WOD's our comp is now a pairs comp and will have over 70 teams of 2 tackle 3 workouts and a final for the top 5 intermediate and advanced teams.  We would like to thank everyone for making the effort to be a part of our competition!  We feel very proud to have you guys from Cairns, Mareeba, Mackay and even Mt Isa make massive trips to come and hang out with us and then all our local brothers and sisters from neighbouring CrossFit's for supporting the Twins.  We look forward to a cracking day!!


On an 8 minute running clock - 

Part 1

5 mins to find a 3 rep max touch and go Clean and jerk

Part 2

At the 5 min mark:

3 mins max Assault bike calories

* change with your partner every 30 seconds.

Each part will be scored as separate events.


On a 10 minute running clock - 

Part 1

50 Calorie row (25 cals each)

Part 2

In the remainder of time AMRAP of:

12 Power snatch (40 / 25kg - Advanced) (30 / 20kg - Intermediate)
6 Burpee Box jump overs 20"

Each part will be scored as separate events.


On a 12 minute cap - 

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m 
21 Partner Deadlifts (140kg - Advanced) (100kg - Intermediate)
15 HSPU (Strict - Advanced) (Kipping or 1 min HS hold)

* Partner must hold handstand while HSPU reps are being completed.  If HS hold option is taken both athletes must hold for 1 min before moving on.




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