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Crossfit Townsville Blog

Twins wrap up....

July 16th, 2017

Saturday saw the running of our annual Tropic Thunder Twins event and it was without a doubt my favourite event we have held to date.  We had a record 70 pairs register to go toe to toe in mixed advanced and intermediate competitions and for the first time we also had a female pairs category.  

Our new category, female pairs, was hotly contested by the 5 lovely lady teams we had enter.  At the end of 3 workouts only a handful of points separated all 5 teams but it was CFTSV favourites, J-Bird and GG, that took the honours as being our first girls team winners.  Congrats to all the ladies that were involved in this event and look for this competition to be back bigger and better next year!!

In the Intermediate competition we had nearly 50 pairs tackle the 3 workouts.  The most pleasing thing about this competition was how closely it was fought out.  Eventual winners, Brandi and Casey, finished with results of 14th, 10th, 6th, 3rd and 8th proving that consistency is key in these days rather than winning each event.  Brandi and Casey put their stamp on the final event of the day though with a resounding and very popular victory to be deserved winners of the day.

We had our best turn out for an Advanced competition this year and it is a strong indication that people are continuing to get fitter and are looking to really challenge that fitness.  There were some impressive performances across the day but no one could deny Kristy and Kurt from CrossFit 4740 in Mackay who dominated the competition to take 1st place and the the title of Tropic Thunder Champions for 2017.

A very special thanks goes out to everyone involved in making our event such a fantastic day!  

To our judging team - you guys are the glue that makes everything come together and without you our event just doesn't happen.  So from myself and all the CFTSV team we thank you.

To James at ANC, thank you for being our major sponsors this year and providing some wonderful prizes for our guys and girls.  We value your expertise in the field of health and nutrition and I look forward to cementing our partnership in the future!

To the many spectators that came to cheer on friends and family and provide an awesome atmosphere, thank you.

And lastly a special mention to my wonderful, patient, hard working and legendary staff who continue to defy with their commitment and loyalty to CrossFit Townsville!

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