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Crossfit Townsville Blog

*****Athlete Spotlight*****

October 17th, 2018

Our October Athlete Spotlight is none other than... Jade Henry! You would have heard the name before, as Jade is jumping in the ring to fight for her cause this weekend. Jade has been working tirelessly towards this event, with both her training and fundraising efforts. We could not be prouder of Jadeo and this Saturday CFTSV will be holding a final fundraising WOD to support her chosen cause the Leukemia Foundation.

We will only be running one class at 6am this Saturday and in true Jadeo fashion it will be done in style, with an 80’s themed dress code!  Donations aren’t required, but if you can spare a few gold coins bring them along to help Jade reach her $10,000 goal!

We look forward to seeing you all Saturday.



Athlete: Jade Henry

Grew up where: South Coast of NSW in a small beach town called ‘Ulladulla’ – Go the blues! Haha

Age: let’s just say, I qualify for masters now 😉 36

Occupation: Quality Coordinator at Energy QLD Full-time and I also run a small business as a make-up artist. Oh yeah and a mum to my boys (if you haven’t seen me with them you would have heard them) 😉 haha

When and how did you get started with us:

I use to train with Strick wayyy back in the day (outside circuits) and moved away to England, got married and had my boys. When my husband had the opportunity to come to the Cowboys as a Strength and Conditioner I couldn’t wait to come back and train, only Strick had started this whole ‘crossfit’ stuff (insert rolled eyes). But I came to class, cause I trusted Strick more than anyone else with my health. I remember my first workout I finished last, and when I realised everyone had finished and were encouraging me along I was half mortified, half inspired! Fast forward to a million bootcamps and classes later and while my front rack will never improve I have made some awesome changes for the better with my fitness.

Favourite WOD?

Lately anything that involves cardio haha , I love a good grinding workout and Saturday’s are always a great session when you get to work in teams

Least Favourite WOD?

Anything that involves an overhead anything or a front rack anything 😂so majority of CrossFit movements . I have not been genetically blessed with a good front rack , and struggle as well with a good barbell front rack haha so I generally struggle with overhead movements . But if I had to post my least favourite it would be any thrusters or overhead squats .

This weekend you are jumping in the ring for fight for your cause, what inspired you pull on the gloves for such a great event?

After a few people saw me on the bag at boxing it was suggested I should do It, so I approached a few people to help me, James Jensen who’s known around town for his fighting prowess…. was unfortunately unavailable to train me,  but luckily Trav Wilcox put his hand up. I asked Alex Dixon to train me for strength (Bi’s & Tri’s ) and Ryan Bazely for conditioning – but when neither of those two were available I was able to get help from Mark and Stricko.

In all seriousness though it was an opportunity to honour a good friend we lost to Leukemia in 2011 and raise some money and awareness. I must say though my reputation on the bag might be slightly misinterpreted, I’m actually a big softy and the idea of fighting does not appeal to me at all!

What's the best thing about training at CFTSV?

Easy one, the people and the banter. I have made lifelong friendships at CFTSV and I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it.

What are some of your other passions or hobbies outside of the CFTSV?

I have a studio that I do make-up out of and it is one of my favourite things to do, as well as a bit of an amateur artist (when I have time) I am a massive coffee addict so you will rarely see me without a cup in my hand (even at 4:45am before the brief (sorry for leaving my cups around Bryce), and of course spending time with my two boys Lui & Jaxon who definitely keep me on my toes. I love watching them play footy and we don’t usually miss a cowboys game, depending on the time of day all of the above is always usually accompanied by a coffee or a wine!

Please share with us your fondest CrossFit / CFTSV memory:

Possibly the trickiest thing to single out, CFTSV is like a family to me and I have had so many amazing memories over the last 5 years. Up there is watching Baydo and the team at regionals with the support crew, the twins comps are a fun day and CrossFit Townsville’s Christmas parties are always good value (body shots body shots haha). No doubt this weekend walking out to the ring with 50 people from crossfit cheering me on will be very special. But how good are Saturday mornings then coffee at Fat Dogz, can’t beat that every week!!

Thanks Jade for letting us get to know you a little better and good luck with the big fight this Saturday night!

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