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Crossfit Townsville Blog

--- Athlete Spotlight July ---

July 31st, 2017

This month we shine the light on the one and only Llew Wynn, who is off to compete in Maddison in the Masters 60+ Divison .  Llew is an inspiration to many at CFTSV and we cannot wait to watch him throw down with the best in the world. 

Athlete:   Llew Wynn
Age: 62
Occupation:  Geophysicist
Grew up where:  Herberton. (Atherton Tablelands, also Hometown to Mr Andrew Ross)
When and how did you get started with us?
1 year ago. I realised I needed specialised training for an honest attempt to make the CrossFit Games.

What is your favourite WOD or movement?
Body weight movements. Muscle ups. HSPUs.  Running. CTB. T2B

You are off to Maddison to compete at the Reebok Crossfit Games. Tell us about your journey this far, your training and how you are feeling about heading over to the states to throw down with the best Masters Athletes in the world? 
The top 200 in world after the Opens proceed to Masters Qualifiers (M.Q.)
The top 20 in the world after M.Q get asked to go to the Games.
I joined CFTVL 12 months ago to attempt getting into the final 20.
Crossfit history
Year.        Regional placing
2015.       52
2016.       34
2017.       20
The past 12 months has been full on, with constant training with the Games in mind. What did I find challenging?
1. Continuously working on my weaknesses (no shortage there).
2. Training despite injuries. There is always something which can be done despite the injury.
3. The internal mental battle when you feel flat, and think you need a rest day, but front up regardless.
I'm both nervous and excited. It's important that my mental side is "in the right place", so I'm relaxed and able to perform optimally.

In your opinion what's better Vanilla or Chocolate ice-cream?
Both!  Love the stuff.

What's the best part about training at CFTSV?
1. The Technical skills, humility and genuine concern displayed by coaches.
2. The quiet chats after workouts.
3. Genuine friendships  made within the box and which continue outside of crossfit.

Tell us something about yourself that we don't know?
I think I'm funny.
I have a soft/sensitive side which most people don't get to see.

What other activities do you enjoy doing outside of Crossfit?
The simple things; laughing with friends, a good coffee, clear saltwater on a sunny day, travel, Geophysics.

Please share with us your fondest CrossFit / CFTSV memory:
New and genuine friendships.  Sharing my accomplishments with all at the box.  Happiness which is not shared is not genuine/true happiness.

Thank you Llew for letting us get to know you a little better.  We wish you all the best at the CrossFit Games!

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