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16th February 2019

What a whirlwind start to 2019 it has been!  Our numbers continue to blow us away despite the hardships of the last few weeks and to all those affected by the floods we hope you are getting back on your feet quickly.  It was very inspiring seeing our CFTSV community getting out and about to help folks who had been less fortunate.  A very, very long time personal training client of ours that doesn't do CrossFit with us, couldn't believe the assistance he received despite not knowing any of the people helping out.  

We were very lucky at the box and didn't have any water through but you may have noticed our handicap toilet received some damage.  Unfortunately that means our shower has been out of action too and we apologise for any inconvenience this may be creating for people.  All I will say is hang in there as we are hopeful that it will be fixed quickly and furthermore to that with any luck we are hoping to make an exciting announcement in the next couple of weeks that will change the game totally!!!

The competitive season is well and truly underway with both Jordan and Bayden competing in the Australian CrossFit Championships where Baydo finished an incredible 2nd and Jordan 11th.  Then thanks to the wonderful efforts of our community, Jordan also headed to Cape Town to compete in the Fittest in Cape Town.  8 days of competition in 10 days plus 24 hours of travel sandwiched in the middle...  Crazy!!

A huge Congrats to Sarah for her competition PB at the recent Oly comp she attended in Thailand.  The type of numbers she is on the way to could see Sarah earn herself a spot in the 2020 Olympic squad!!!  We are so proud of you Sarah and what you have achieved so far and can't wait to see what's next!!

Pictured (Rik, Cal, Elanze, Sam) is our crew that headed to Atherton to compete in the Red Dirt Teams comp this weekend just gone and at the time of writing they were more than holding their own.  Well done to those guys for making the effort to get up there and throwdown!!

Then of course the madness of the Open begins this Friday night!  What does that mean??  Well for starters we won't have a Friday night class for the next 5 weeks.  Apologies for the inconvenience here guys, especially as we have had some whooping numbers to our Friday night classes but I encourage you to sign up for the Open and test yourself against the rest of the CrossFit community in an event that never ceases to amaze.

So instead of Friday night classes we have Friday Night Lights.  This is where anyone registered for the Open can sign up for a heat and have their crack at whatever is programmed each week.  We are only allowing athletes registered in the Open to compete on Friday nights so I encourage you to jump onto the games.crossfit.com website and get yourself signed up.  Later this week heats will be available via our app so stay tuned for that.

Welcome to our first group of Fundamentals that have already come through their course and entered into main classes. A big welcome also to all our new members that have started 2019 with us and we hope your year has started strongly.  Our next Fundamentals course begins March 11th and keep your ears out for a Bring a Friend Day just before that..

We have made some adjustments to our CrossFit Kids schedule and in doing so we have cracked record numbers especially in our Teens group.  Thanks to the awesome work Bryce, Elanze, Kristy and Caitlin are putting in it seems the future at CFTSV is looking very, very bright.

Have a great week team and we look forward to seeing you in the gym this week!!

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