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Crossfit WOD

Friday: Body Pump..

7th November 2019

This Friday Night is our Friday Night Lights Finale and we are having a party to celebrate the outstanding efforts of all our competing athletes.  Come one, come all and support the crew as they push through 20.5.  We have a live DJ in the house so the music will be cranking and the atmosphere electric as we also watch on with bated breath to see Baydo continue his amazing performances and perhaps clinch back to back National Championships!!  

Heats start at 5.30pm sharp!


Deadlift 7 x 2 reps

* Lift every 3 mins and build to a heavy 2 rep.


For time:

10 Strict HSPU
20 Strict Pull-ups
30 Strict Ring dips
40 Pull-ups
50 Push-ups
60 Body rows

* 15 min cap

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