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Friday: CFTSV Lockdown Open 20.3..

16th April 2020

Workout 3 in the CFTSV Lockdown Open is here!!  Go to Competition Corner to check out the leaderboard.

Have fun with this gross monster...


AMRAP in 13 mins of:

50 DB Facing Burpees
40 Single arm DB Thrusters
30 DB Facing Burpees (Tie break time needed at completion of 30 DB Facing Burpees)
20 Single arm DB Thrusters
Max Single arm DB Hang clean and jerks in remainder of time

* Score is number of DB Hang clean and jerks multiplied by the weight of the DB used or in the event that the Burpees and Thrusters aren't completed a tie break time is to be entered at the conclusion of the 30 DB Facing Burpees set.

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