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Friday: CFTSV Test 2..

3rd December 2020

CFTSV Test 1 was a cardio bunny special so it would be only fitting that test number 2 is something more up the alley of our barbell junkies.  CFTSV Test 2 is essentially the CrossFit Total but we thought it a little more appropriate to add a couple of reps on at each attempt to really test our lifting capacity.  Bring a strategy as the goal is total load lifted across all three attempts of all three lifts so attacking from the get go is important and missing an attempt disastrous.  Be smart, make sure you have a spotter and have some fun with this one..



'CFTSV Test 2'

On a continuously running clock and for max load on all lifts - 

0-15 mins: 7-5-3 reps of Back squat
15-25 mins: 7-5-3 reps of Press
25-40 mins: 7-5-3 reps of Deadlift
* Build to your best load for each of the lifts on all sets. Score is total load!


* Please note we are trialling a Friday afternoon Fitness session at 5pm.  Support this with your feet and we will look at making it a permanent fixture on the Fitness timetable

In partners - 

3.8km / 3km Ski
* Every 2 min, 8 Burpees resting partner

8km /  7km Bike Erg
* Every 2 min, 16 Flares resting partner

3.8km / 3km Row
* Every 2 min, 8 Pancake Push Ups

* 40 min cap

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