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Friday: Tonight is Friday Night Lights Week 1..

20th February 2019

Reminder there is no Friday afternoon class this week or for the next 5 weeks as we move into the CrossFit Open season..

If you have registered for the Open your first chance for a crack at 19.1 will be from 5.30pm but don't forget to sign into one of the heats which will be available on the app.

If possible we want you there for the duration as the only people eligible to judge our Open athletes are our other Open athletes.

This will be a fantastic 5 weeks as we watch our CFTSV community test their boundaries and if you want in on the action sign up at games.crossfit.com.


Every 2 mins for 7 sets build to a heavy of the complex:

Thruster + Push press + Push jerk + Split jerk


In teams of 4 - 

7 rounds each of:

20 seconds max effort Assault bike

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