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Monday 15/3/21 - Open Workout 21.1

13th March 2021

Our first Friday Night Lights for the season was a huge night with more than 60 athletes going through their paces on an ascending ladder of Wall walks and Double unders.. yep that's right Wall walks and Double unders!  Yet again the Open presents us with a challenge that is simple, effective and totally humbling.  Wall walks are one skill I like to think we include pretty regularly in our programming but clearly not regularly enough : )  

As in previous years our Monday workout will be the Open workout so whether you are registered or not you get a chance to test yourself on this couplet!  Good luck..



For time:

1 Wall walk
10 Double unders
3 Wall walks
30 Double unders
6 Wall walks
60 Double unders
9 Wall walks
90 Double unders
15 Wall walks
150 Double unders
21 Wall walks
210 Double unders
* 15 min cap


In a team of 4 - 

5 rounds each of:

Run 300m
12 / 8 Ski calories
15 Burpees
18 Jump lunges
* Next person leaves when person in front gets back from the run

At 30 mins -
30-20-10 of:
Ski erg cals (share with a partner)
Side to side partner pass with MB

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