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Monday: '19.1' - Quad Control..

23rd February 2019

Our first Friday Night Lights was a big success with an awesome line up of folks registering to give 19.1 a crack.  Wall balls and Calories in a 15 minute AMRAP was a challenging way to begin the Open but it was met with fierce determination by all athletes.

In all we have a tick over 100 athletes registered this year which is just phenomenal considering with so much on and what everyone has endured in the last month we haven't really given the Open much attention.  

What it highlights for us is that people want to road test their training and the Open is the perfect vehicle for that.  Guaranteed the Open is going to find your weaknesses and give you the right tonic to push your training to another level moving forward.

With 19.1 it is all about your ability to do unbroken Wall balls and maintain a good pace on the erg.  Go out too hot on the erg and you risk blowing the legs up on the Wall balls.  Go out cold and you will lose time that is very hard to get back as the workout progresses.

If you did do 19.1 on Friday night the most important thing of all is to analyse your performance, learn something from it and make an adjustment that will lend itself to an improved performance.

Good luck!!



AMRAP in 15 mins of:

19 Wall balls 20 / 14 lbs
19 Calorie row

* We will run today's workout in heat style.  If you are doing the Open remember you need to be judged by someone else doing the Open.  If you are not doing the Open you will still get to have a taste of what it is all about but with a limited number of ergos we cannot guarantee you will get to row.  You will of course be given an alternative which will be the bike : )

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