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Monday: '19.3' Upside Down...

9th March 2019

Another Friday Night Lights saw another round of epic performances.  19.3 is a little bit of grunt work to buy in before the workout really begins and becomes a test of strength and skill.  If you don't have strict handstand push-ups yet you will surely be inspired after this workout to work on them and get them in the kit bag.  If you have strict handstand push-ups this workout is all about having awareness of your capabilities and using that to maximise your performance.  We saw plenty of people go out too big here and pay the ultimate price with some very fatigued and tired shoulder in the back end.  Rep management is hugely important in this one to make sure you keep chipping away at those reps.  Can't wait to see everyone have a crack at this one on Re-do Monday : )



For time and on a 10 minute cap:

200ft DB Overhead walking lunge 22.5 / 15 kg
50 DB Box step ups 24 / 10 "
50 Strict handstand push-ups
200ft Handstand walk

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