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Monday 22/11/21 - 'Nancy'

20th November 2021

It's a big week this week with Saturday culminating in our annual Class Wars event.. That of course means no Saturday classes but make sure you sign in to your team and turn up in your team colours ready to represent..  If that doesn't fire you up then watch the promo video we did a couple of years ago that took in some of the action from the 2017 event!

The rest of the week looks plenty juicy with the week kicking off Monday with the benchmark WOD 'Nancy'.  Benchmarks will continue to pop up here and there so be sure to log your score so you can continue to track your progress.  Tuesday and Thursday we are going long but the highlight this week is definitely Wednesday where we are taking all our classes into the Oly room. 

While we cover off on Olympic lifting skills in CrossFit most weeks, the Snatch and the Clean and jerk are two of the more challenging aspects of our program and as a whole and we can never be good enough at either lift.  So we thought what better way to continue to develop these skills than bring everyone through to see what we do 'on the other side'.  The goal is to introduce people to a deeper layer of lifting skill where at worst you walk away with a better understanding of what is required to Snatch well and at best you decide to go all in and bring Oly lifting into your training program more regularly.  

Brycey, our head coach of Thunder Barbell, has programmed a session you might see on a typical Oly training day.. so that means no met con today sorry guys but you will be very surprised how taxing an hour of lifting will be and what it can do for you : )  Embrace the opportunity to try something different and get a little better at your Oly lifting because guaranteed it will help your CrossFit!!


5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 OH squats 
* 18 min cap

At 20 mins
In Tabata style -
Front scale x 3 / leg
Back scale x 3 / leg
L-sit (at the ground) x 6
* A total of 18 x 20 seconds on - 10 seconds off = 9 mins in total.


With a partner:

3 rounds of:
50 Row calories
50 Rower tucks
50 Lateral burpees over the rower
* Goal is sub 9 mins per round

At 27 mins -
Every 3 mins x 4 rounds:
20 Flares
20 Mountain climbers
20 Striders
60 Bicycles
* Complete each round as fast as possible.

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