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Monday: 6 WPA Re-Testing..

10th October 2020

Today is 6 WPA re-testing day!!  It's a great opportunity to check in on your progress over the last 6 weeks whether you signed up for our 6 WPA or not.  All our 6 WPA participants, make sure you book in for your second scan with James some time this week and we look forward to seeing the results..



On a continuously running clock - 

At 0 mins - 
Run 800m 

At 6 mins -
Run 800m 

At 12 mins -
Run 800m 

At 20 mins -
AMRAP in 3 mins of Hand release push-ups

At 25 mins -
AMRAP in 3 mins of Strict pull-ups 

At 30 mins -
AMRAP in 3 mins of Ab mat sit-ups


In teams of 2 sharing work anyhow - 

At 0 mins:
Every 5 mins x 5 sets:
400 / 325m Row
30 / 20 Echo bike calories
20 Synchro jump lunges

At 30 mins:
Into teams of 4 and rotate through -
Tabata mash up of:
Squat hold
Push-up hold
Curl up hold
Bear crawl across the green and back (make it there and back in 20 sec!)
* Complete 5 rounds of each for a total of 10 mins work.

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