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Monday: 6 WPA Testing..

29th August 2020

We are very excited about the next 6WPA that begins this week.  Covid-19 has thrown plenty of challenges at everyone in the last few months and finding some rhythm with training and nutrition hasn't been easy.  The next 6 weeks, however, provides us all with the chance to reset and launch into summer with some great habits and feeling your best. 

Today's session is an opportunity to test where you stand at the moment on some basic metrics and in 6 weeks time we are going to repeat the session and see where you are at.  Now don't hedge your bets on this session today.. get after it with everything you have to give an honest account of your current conditioning.. then in 6 weeks repeat that effort and all being well you should smash it out of the park..

There will be a large spreadsheet at the gym for everyone that tackles this session, 6WPA or not, so be sure to put your results in!  Good luck!



On a continuously running clock - 

At 0 mins:

Run 800m

At 6 mins:

Run 800m

At 12 mins:

Run 800m

At 20 mins:

AMRAP in 3 mins of -

Hand release push-ups

At 25 mins:

AMRAP in 3 mins of - 

Strict pull-ups

At 30 mins:

AMRAP in 3 mins of - 

Ab mat sit-ups


In partner - 

5 Rounds each:
EMOM (Alternating with partner)
12 KB Swings
Max Ski cals in remaining time

At 13 min mark -
3 Rounds:
30 Synchro Russian Twists
20 Synchro Seated Knee Tucks
10 Synchro Arms Up Coffin Sit Ups

At 20 min mark - 
EMOM (Alternating with partner)
20 Push Ups
Max Bike erg cals in remaining time

At 30 min mark -
10min plank hold
Every break:
2 Cal Bike/Ski
2 V-Ups
*Add 2 reps to each movement every break

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