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Monday: Battery Check..

23rd August 2020

We are a week away from the next instalment of our 6WPA program (Monday 31st August) kicking off with an information night being held Monday 24th August at 7pm at the box.   We have worked very closely with our partners on this program James and Emma Jensen from Australian Nutrition Centre and James will again be there to answer any curly nutrition, supplementation or wellness questions.

For those unfamiliar with our program the 6 WPA is a 6 week Performance Accelerator.  It's where we look to dial in our performance indicators of training, nutrition, sleep, recovery and mobility to the highest possible level for 6 weeks.  Often people can manage consistency with one of these important factors but the challenge of the 6WPA is to sustain all of those indicators with the reward... Improved Performance. 

Now if you are wondering what we mean by performance well we are not just talking about being better in the gym..  Improved Performance to us also means looking better, feeling better and being able to carry out your everyday work and life tasks with renewed energy and vigour.

We have had some incredible results in the past and after the last couple of months being the way they have been I am really looking forward to seeing people throw themselves at this block and come out the other side with everything they want to achieve out of it.  

The job this week is to make sure you are signed up and then you need to book in with James and Emma at ANC to get a body scan.  This is a very important piece of the puzzle because it gives you hard data to compare not just this block but you will be to keep checking in to monitor your progress down the track as well.  Follow the link to go online and book your spot and then be ready for next Monday's CrossFit session as it will serve as our fitness testing. https://australian-nutrition-centre.cliniko.com/bookings#service



5 rounds for time of:

Row 500m / 400m
Run 400m

* 25 min cap


At the 30 min mark - 

2 sets of:

20 V-ups
30 Hollow rocks
40 Mountain climbers
50 2-count flutter kicks
* rest 60 seconds


In teams of 3 - 

At 0 min mark

2 rounds each of:

15 cal Ski Erg
5 DB Devils Press
500m Bike Erg
*8min cap

At 10 min mark

100 H-ups as a team

At 15 min mark 

2 Rounds each:
15 cal Ski Erg
5 DB Devils Press
500m Bike Erg
*8min cap

At 25 min mark

As a team 200 Air Squats
*Both DB's must be held

At 30 min mark

AMRAP in 5 mins:
Hollow Rocks
*Resting partners must hold DBs overhead

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