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Monday: Echo..Echo..Echo..

13th June 2020

Since we introduced our CFTSV Fitness classes way back when they have been a raving success.  With a larger emphasis on conditioning and less on the barbell it is the perfect way to compliment your CrossFit training if you are looking for something a little extra or as a stand alone program it ticks all the boxes to get you into great shape as well!

Many members might not realise but if you are a CrossFit member you have full access to our Fitness program as well.  For anyone looking to join our Fitness classes, you don't need to complete an Introductory course to get on board like you do with CrossFit.

COVID-19 has seen us move to a compulsory sign in online before you arrive for class.  This is something that has been a very positive change and will be staying around for the long haul.  I know for many it is still taking a little time to get used to but I can tell you as coaches we now have the luxury of knowing how many people will be attending class, we can set up the room accordingly and better still not waste valuable time trying to find which athlete didn't sign in when that time could be better spent coaching you!

We know that this also means you need to make your choice early between CrossFit and Fitness in the 5am time slot so we have come to the party and from now on the Fitness workout will also be posted on the blog.  Now, we don't want to turn you all into cherry pickers but we know if you have the workout information already you will be able to make a commitment to that session and give it everything you have.  

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to talk to one of the coaches.





Every 6 mins for 5 rounds -

AMRAP in 3 mins of:

Run 400m
Max Echo Bike calories

* rest 3 mins after each round


On a continuously running clock and working with a partner - 

At 0:00

3 rounds each of:

24 DB press
250m Row
* 10 min cap

At 10:00

100 Bicycles

At 13:00

3 rounds each of:

18 DB snatch
200m Row
* 10 min cap

At 23:00

100 Side to sides

At 26:00

3 rounds each of:

12 Single arm Renegade row (push-up after each row)
150m Row
* 10 min cap

At 36:00

100 Crunches

* P2 begins when P1 has completed the DB movement.

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