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Monday: Get in a Groove..

14th November 2020

We are fast approaching the end of the year and there are lots of things to get excited about and stay tuned for..  

Our annual Christmas Party is set down for Tuesday December 22nd this year.. yep that's right you heard correctly "Tuesday".  With restrictions on numbers and locking down bookings we had a choice to limit the party to less than 100 (last year we had 220) and run it on a weekend or have the celebrations on a Tuesday and be able to cater for 200.. the choice was easy.  More info will be at hand in the next few weeks but this is the biggest night on the CFTSV calendar and after the year we have all had we all deserve a night out.  We will also be inducting a handful of new members into the CFTSV 1 Tonne club so it is certainly a night no one wants to miss : )

Coming up a little closer we will be hosting the Queensland Weightlifting Association "NQ Open" on Saturday November 28th.  This is going to be a belter of a weekend with the schedule absolutely chockers with lifters from all over Queensland.  Our very own Thunder Barbell have 26 athletes registered with a wide array of ages competing from our young teenage lifters to our awesome masters crew!  A schedule will be released in the next week or so but this is something we would love to see everyone at CFTSV get behind.  

On that note our Saturday November 28th classes will be reduced to a 5.30am and 6.30am CrossFit class and 6am Fitness class only.  



Every 6 mins for 5 sets:

Row 20 / 14 calories
Run 20 x 10m shuttles
Bike erg 20 / 14 calories


On a running clock -
AMRAP 90 seconds of Hollow rocks
rest 30 seconds
AMRAP 90 seconds of Plate side to sides (10/5kg)
rest 30 seconds
AMRAP 90 seconds of V-ups


5 rounds of:

20 Bent Over Row
18 DB Box Step Overs
16 / 12 Ski Cals
14 DB Front Squats
12 DB Push Press

* Every 6 min Farmers carry 100m
* 30min cap

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