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Monday: It's Run Day at CFTSV..

17th January 2021

We have started the new year with a bang!!  Lots of new folks have begun their journey at CFTSV over the last couple of weeks and we welcome you all : )  Immerse yourself in our great community and enjoy getting yourself kick ass fit!!

It's easy to forget how daunting starting at a new gym or starting gym full stop can be.. so reach out, say g'day, share a rack or partner up with someone you haven't seen before and help make their transition a little smoother.

So to all those new members.. just a heads up that on Monday's at CFTSV we run baby run!  

Have fun with this little CFTSV partner gem that we have done many, many times!  It's very simple but very effective!!!

Go get it..



With a partner and working 1:1 - 

3 rounds for total time of:
Run 400m each or 300m
Run 200m each or 150m
Run 100m each or 100m
* 20 min cap


With a partner - 

(Work 20 sec on 20 sec off, 40 sec on 40 sec off and 1 min on 1 min off at each station)
2 rounds of -
Echo Bike
2 mins rest
2 mins rest
2 mins rest

At 37 mins -
50 Bicycles

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