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Monday: Keep Fighting..

29th March 2020

We have just put behind one of the craziest weeks I can ever remember but what I have come to realise is it doesn't matter about the adversity we are faced with because if you have the support and commitment that we have at CFTSV we will power on through anything.  

We have seen so many great photos and videos of folks posting their at home workouts and please continue to do so.  If there are a couple of positives we can take out of all this it is 1. We are getting some extra time to appreciate and spend with our loved ones and 2. We are getting to spend some extra time on our health and wellness.

There will be times through this period you will think '[email protected]#* It' it's not worth the hassle but believe me it is and instead have the mindset of '[email protected]#* You COVID-19' nothing is going to stop me from being the best I can be!!

I can't express our gratitude enough for the support we have been shown over this last week.  Ironically this year is our 10th year as CrossFit Townsville and this week we should be celebrating our 1st year to the day (April 1st hahaha) in the new place but instead we have been asked to adapt and adapt we have.  

We have posted our first ever online classes, while at the same time doing small group outdoor CrossFit classes as well.  Mary hosted our first ever online Yoga class and we have rented nearly every single bit of equipment out of the gym!!  Thanks to you guys we are 'Fighting On' and I know we will poke our heads out the other side of all this.

Keep smiling : )


With a partner - 

2 rounds each for time:

Run  100m each 7 Burpees each
Run 200m each 14 Burpees each
Run 300m each 21 Burpees each
Run 400m each 28 Burpees each

* At 15 minutes begins round 2

Goal is to make sure you finish your burpees before your partner gets back in off the run.

Score time taken for each round.


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