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Monday: Opening Day...

30th March 2019

It's no joke folks.. April 1st is the beginning of a new era at CFTSV and we could not be more excited about the future!  But first some reflective thoughts..

We moved into the High Range Drive facility March 2010 after running most of our early sessions in the car park of our previous building.  The members around in those early days will remember a very narrow but adequate space for the 8-10 keen to tackle this 'fad' known as CrossFit.  We knew we weren't playing with some new toy though and quickly word spread, our classes grew and it wasn't long before we were looking for an upgrade.  Thankfully that came and we were able to secure an extra 150 square metres and with that we were able to step things up.  

Things continued to flourish and thanks to my great mate and CrossFit mentor Brett Fforde we were able to establish a community of hard working, disciplined and motivated athletes.  Even more than this though is the way our community since day dot has supported one another across every endeavour.

So fast forward all the way to the beginning of this year and things just exploded.  This year we have not only seen record numbers in our CrossFit classes but growth across all our programs has been phenomenal and we knew it was time for us to repay the unbelievable faith you have shown in us by taking things to another level.

A month ago we signed a lease to go into the old Pitstop building and and to say there hasn't been some small reservations, doubts and uncertainty would be lying.  Add to that the intimidating thought of moving 10 years worth of equipment into a new establishment.  

Enter you.. the amazing community of this box.  We came up with the plan to do a moving workout and I knew how great our people are so I thought we would get a decent turnout and fair bit of gear moved in the hour and then it was going to be a good, old slog to get the rest of the equipment across to the new place.  How wrong I was... firstly for the record (and it is now officially our new session record) we had 120 people sign into what was our last official class at the old facility.  Then not only was the gear moved but the efficiency with how things were done was just downright astonishing!!

I sat back at one stage and just watched as person after person brought in gear dumped it off and looked for the next job to do and thought, how the hell did we get so lucky to find these incredible people.

The feeling of being a part of something so special is something I just can't do justice to in words but I can tell you it 100% absolutely reinforces why we are making this move and my promise to you is that we will continue to deliver the best program, in the best gym, for the best people.

Now enjoy.. You all deserve it : )


'Opening Day'

Every 6 mins for 5 rounds:

400 / 300m Bike erg
300 / 250m Row
20 x 10m shuttles

* 4 min cap on each round

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