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Monday: Public Holiday = Aussie Hero

28th January 2019

Classes today for the Australia Day Public Holiday are 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.

Classes will be capped and there is no guarantee you will be able to slide in on the day so please sign in : )

In true CFTSV fashion we will be honouring two Australian servicemen with the Australian Hero WOD

'McDonald and Gallagher'

A little insight into these great men....

PTE Galagher & LCPL McDonald were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August, 2012.

McDonald enjoyed the heavy lifts such as front squats, and was known to swing up a kettlebell. Strength was his game. Therefore, the front squat and kettlebell swings are for him.

PTE Galagher was a man who loved his metabolic conditioning workouts. He was fast, strong,
and quick to find a pull up bar for his fitness programming. The pull-ups and 200m run are for him.

Lest we forget..

In a team of 2 -

2 rounds for time of:

200m run
16 KB swings 24 / 16 kg
16 Pull-ups
16 Front squats 50 / 35 kg
200m run
14 KB swings 24 / 16 kg
14 Pull-ups
14 Front squats 50 / 35 kg
200m run
12 KB swings 24 / 16 kg
12 Pull-ups
12 Front squats 50 / 35 kg

* Alternating rounds with your partner. E.g. P1 does 200m run, 16 KB swings, 16 Pull-ups, 16 Front squats then tags P2 who does the round of 14 reps. Continue in this fashion for 2 rounds.

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