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Monday: Public Holiday and Quick Update!!

4th October 2019

Just a reminder that this coming Monday 7th October is a Public Holiday and we will be running classes at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm.  

Monday evening also marks the beginning of our expanded Fitness program with a 6pm class.  Following that we will have Fitness classes on Tuesday at 6pm, Wednesday at 5am and 6pm, Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 5am so there are heaps of opportunities to get your cardio on and step things up!

We have just released the details of our latest 6WPA challenge "The Summer Shred" with an info and testing day to be held on Saturday 19th October at 8.30am.  Sign up to the challenge is $120 and includes pre and post testing, InBody scan before and after, extras, a Sunday Sweat sesh and plenty of other stuff.  This does not include your regular CrossFit or Fitness membership.  You can register online or at the front desk with one of the coaches!

Lastly, for the next 6 weeks Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-5.30pm the extras area will be a little hectic with the start of our Phoenix Performance Academy kids.  Everyone is still more than welcome to utilise open gym for their extras but just a heads up the platform area and little rig will be crazy with kids so best option is the main gym floor.  Thanks for your understanding and support!!


In teams of 3 - 

For time:

Run 1k
50 Synchro Burpees
50 Synchro T2B
GTO (accumulate 2500 kg / 1800 kg)
50 Synchro T2B
50 Synchro Burpees
Run 1k

* Two athletes working on synchro movements while other rests.

Barbell options - 
36 reps @ 70 / 50 kg
42 reps @ 60 / 42.5 kg
50 reps @ 50 / 35 kg
56 reps @ 45 / 32.5 kg
60 reps @ 41 / 30 kg

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