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15th January 2020

This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary as a CrossFit affiliate.  This achievement is made all the more significant by the fact that we are one of around 1300 affiliates to make it to 10 years out of more than 15 000 affiliates world wide. This makes us incredibly proud and there are a number of reasons I think we have been able to make this journey. 

Our coaching has always been something we have taken the utmost of pride in.  While we know we are far from perfect we continue to strive to provide the best possible coaching to our athletes we can.  Our mission of 'changing the lives of our members for the better' is not taken lightly and something our coaches never forget is that we are the standard for which our members strive to become.

Our facility is now of world class standard!!  We have plenty of equipment and a huge space to facilitate more programs than ever before and to continue to provide our members with plenty of options to help them achieve their goals.  

Coaching and a great facility are certainly big factors in why we have reached our 10 year milestone but for me, by far, it is our members and the culture our members have helped us create that has allowed us continued growth across the last decade.

A new year and a new decade is upon us and it is nice to reflect on the past but we are firmly focused on the future and continuing to set ourselves the goal of providing the highest possible standard of strength and conditioning.

Over the next month we will be excited to see many regulars come back from holiday and begin their 2020 journey.  And then there are the many new faces we have already seen and plenty more we can't wait to welcome to CrossFit Townsville.

With that in mind we have been sitting on something for a little while that we feel will help give our new new members some direction on what is to be a member at CFTSV and at the same time refocus our regulars as well.

The CFTSV commandments are a set of expectations we have as a member of CrossFit Townsville.  They help keep us grounded and moving towards our goals.  It would seem the timing is perfect to unveil our commandments as we usher in 2020.

Expect in the coming weeks to see the commandments up on the wall for everyone to read and to remind us what being a member at CrossFit Townsville is all about.


  1. Be on Time, Be Prepared, Be Ready …
  • Turn up early and make sure you are signed into class.
  • Have the correct attire – if it’s a lifting day and you are going to wear Oly shoes have them on ready to go.
  • We know things come up and you may be late but see the coach and make your apologies.


  1. Engage in the Brief …
  • This is your opportunity to understand the day’s intent and maximise what you are going to get out of the session so listen and absorb what is relevant to you.
  • It is very difficult to talk over others and very off putting when a coach is trying to brief and there are others having their own conversations. Show the respect you know you would want to be shown if you were presenting about something you were passionate about.


  1. Introduce yourself to a new face …
  • We are an awesome community with lots of visitors that drop by from all over the place. Introduce yourself to new faces, be the person who someone else would want to train with and let that person go back and tell everyone at their gym what a bunch of great people train at CFTSV.


  1. Support your mate …
  • Everyone finishes at different times and everyone at some stage will take a turn at still chipping away when others are done. Encourage, support and help whoever it may be, and get them through the last round or reps. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings and others that might be working nearby. Share the equipment and space and be there for one another to get out of the workout what you want.
  • Help a neighbour unload and pack away their gear.


  1. Get around for some skin …
  • When everyone in the class has finished the workout, make it your business to get around and give everyone a high five to acknowledge their effort.


  1. Get your score on the board …
  • At the conclusion of the workout make sure you put a score next to your name. This is about being accountable and proud of your effort and that you gave it everything you had that day. 


  1. This is your house …
  • Treat it as such.
  • Take tape, bandaids, waterbottles, grips, wraps, towels and anything else you can think of with you when you leave.
  • Be mindful of hygiene and wipe off or mop up any sweat you may leave.
  • Clean up chalk left on the floor.
  • Put all equipment back into its correct place
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