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Crossfit WOD

Monday: Sails up..

20th June 2020

Thank you for embracing the changes we have made in regards to class times, moving on after class, sanitising before and after class and compulsory signing in to class.  We know things come up last minute but if you are unable to make it to class and you are signed in please sign yourself out.  Our preference is for you to do this as early as you possibly can to allow anyone on a wait list or waiting to sign in to get into class.   Once again thank you for your cooperation : )



With a partner and working 1:1 - 

3 rounds each of:

Run 400m
12 Burpee box jump overs
21 Wall balls

* 20 min cap



5 Strict T2B
15 second Hollow hold
20 MB side to sides


In groups of 3 - 

5 rounds each of:

Bike erg 400m (Damper at 3)
Walk lunge 15m
Burpee bound 10m
* Next person leaves when person in front gets off the bike

At 20 mins - 

In teams of 3 - 

Accumulate 120 / 90 Bike erg calories (Damper at 7)

* At 40 / 30 cals, 80 / 60 cals and 120 / 90 complete 20 Synchro Jump lunges + 20 Synchro Sit-ups

At 35 mins - 

3 x 30 seconds side plank on each side

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