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Monday: We're Back.. (sort of)

17th May 2020

This week marks the winding back of some restrictions and allows us to once again be able to facilitate some outdoor group classes.. yay!!!! 

It will still be under pretty tight guidelines with only 10 people allowed per class so it is vitally important you sign into class via our CF Townsville app. 

We will be running a 5am and 5pm class daily this week with the likelihood of extending this out to extra time slots over the next couple of weeks as we build towards being back in the gym in June.  

We ask that you park in the front car park near the cafe as the sessions will be facilitated in the back car park.  One of the coaches will be waiting for you at the roller door we normally run out of and will walk you through the gym into the back car park.

Please ensure hands are sanitised on arrival at the gym and we continue to practice social distancing.  Above all, if you are feeling even a little unwell cancel out of your class and please stay at home.

There is a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel now and we are so excited to be able to offer these sessions and can't wait to be able to progress this over the next couple of weeks.

As always, we say thank you for your amazing understanding and continued support.



3 rounds of - 

AMRAP in 5 mins:

Run 500m
50 Air squats
Max 10m shuttle runs in remainder

* rest 3 mins after each set


3 rounds of:

10 L-seated leg lifts
20 Plate side to sides
30 sec Hollow hold

* rest as needed

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