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Crossfit WOD

Saturday: Good luck B-Brown!

2nd August 2019

Our boy Baydo is in the thick of the action this weekend at the CrossFit Games.  As a special tribute we want you to wear your B-Brown shirt for Saturday's class and we will be looking to take a huge group photo we can send to him.  Don't worry if you don't own a B-Brown shirt as we want everyone in the pic.

To make it easier to include more folks in the photo we are only going to run two classes - 5.30am and 6.30am and aim for a big photo between the two classes. 

To follow Baydo's progress over the weekend make sure you check out the live feed on the Games site. 


In teams of 3 -

AMRAP in 12 mins:

150 Synchro Wall balls
then max Bike erg cals in remainder
* two athletes working

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 12 mins:

100 Power cleans
then max Row cals in remainder
* one athlete working

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 12 mins:

50 laps of Sled push
then max Ski erg cals in remainder
* one athlete working 

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