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Saturday: 'Moving Day'

25th March 2019

This week's Saturday workout is our very last session at High Range Drive with our impending move to the Parkside Drive facility.  There is nothing fancy about what we are going to do.. just roll up the sleeves and carry our stash of KB's, DB's and Slam balls 900m to the 'Super Box'.  We are only running one class, 6am, so we are hoping for a massive turnout to help us in this arduous task.  The bonus is you will get your first glimpse of our new facility that we will be operating from as of Monday 1st April.

Make sure you sign in and let's go out with a bang by smashing our biggest class record of 80 to pieces!

Anyone keen to hang around after is very welcome as we have the rest of our gear to move.  If you have a ute bring it along as it will be greatly appreciated : )


In a huge crew of legends -

900m Equipment carry to the new box
900m run back to the back to the old box


As many sets as you like - 

Drive a ute full of equipment to the new box

* rest as needed

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