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Thursday 22/4/21 - Don't Miss Your Practice..

21st April 2021

A common theme at CrossFit Townsville for a very long time has been our Thursday practice day.  The logic behind a practice day is pretty obvious.. 'to get better at stuff', but we also program it in as a day where if you are beat up from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday training you can come and move the body and work on some fundamental skills.  That said.. it doesn't mean Thursday's are 'easy' days.  You can still illicit whatever you want out of the session just by having a quick chat to the coach. CrossFit being CrossFit and 'routine being the enemy'.. not all our Thursday's are programmed this way and you will still get some long, short, heavy and light workouts thrown in there but our theme of practice always remains the same.  So trust the programming and if you want to get better at pulling and pushing strength and holding strong positions then make sure you get in on Thursdays!!



EMOM for 12 mins:

Min 1 - Strict pull-up x 6-10 reps
Min 2 - Strict ring dip x 6-10 reps
Min 3 - Pistol squat x 6-10 reps

* Choose an appropriate number of reps and movement substitute.


With a partner 1:1 

4 rounds each of:
250m / 200m Row
12 CTB pull-ups 
* 16 min cap


With a partner - 

Every 10 mins for 3 rounds:
Bike erg 3k / 2.4k
30 or 20 Synchro jump lunges or alternating lunges
30 or 20 Synchro Ab mat sit-ups
* 8 min cut off each round

At 33 mins -
30 - 20 - 10:
DB curls
Diamond push-up

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