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Crossfit WOD

Thursday: Ground Work..

3rd February 2021



Bar muscle up skill work


AMRAP in 16 mins of:

20 / 14 Echo bike calories
15 KB swings
10 Push-ups
Sled push 20m


In teams of 3 - 

4 rounds each of:
Run 200m
24 Flares
12 DB curl and press
* Next person leaves when person in front completes Flares.
Once everyone is complete aim for 2 mins rest then move to the next part -

5 mins max Bike erg metres
3 mins rest
5 Single DB curls (hold handle both hands)
5 DB Pallof press
10 DB side to sides
(Goal will be to start this as close as possible to the 20 min mark)

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