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Crossfit WOD

Thursday: Iso Work..

11th March 2020

We are just over a week away from the Ty Throwdown.  Remember this event is about giving some support to a fellow CrossFitter and CFTSV member. 

All registration fees go to Tash and Ty to help them through a tough spot. 

There are 3 workouts that are individual events with Scaled and Rxd options. 

If you are little unsure about taking to the floor, we get it.. it's daunting and a little nerve wracking but this is a chance to have a little perspective and know that your battle pales into insignificance compared to the fight Ty has on his hands!!

Register now at stickytickets.com.au and search for Team Ty Throwdown.

Thanks for your support : )


EMOM for 12 mins of:

Min 1 - 30 second Ring support
Min 2 - 30 second Chin over bar hold
Min 3 - 30 second Hollow hold


AMRAP in 12 mins of:

5 Strict pull-ups
25 Double unders
10 Strict press 45 / 30 kg
25 Double unders

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