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Thursday: The 12 Days of Christmas..

23rd December 2020

It's Christmas Eve and that means today is our annual 12 Days of Christmas workout..  This is a big tradition across gyms all over the world and the perfect way to begin the holiday season where we all know we are probably going to be a little naughty with our eating and drinking.  This workout is sneaky because early on it gives you the impression you are flying along and you are going to crush it but the accumulation of reps mounts up late in the workout so get ready to get your grind on.  Don't forget to wear your best Christmas attire as well ; )


For time:

1 Cluster
2 Bar muscle ups
3 Devil press
4 Burpee box jump overs
5 KB swings
6 Alternating DB snatch
7 T2B
8 Echo or Assault bike calories
9 Wall balls
10 Deadlifts
11 Row calories
12 Bar facing burpees

* Performed like the song.. On the first day of Christmas my CrossFit coach gave to me 1 Cluster.  On the second day of Christmas my CrossFit coach gave to me 2 Bar muscle ups and 1 Cluster.  On the third day of Christmas my CrossFit coach gave to me 3 Devil press, 2 Bar muscle ups and 1 Cluster..  continue in this fashion until the last round.


AMRAP 25 min -
(alt movements with partner)
25 Single arm DB thrusters
10 Synchro situps
12 Burpees
10 synchro Single leg V ups
20 cal Ski
10 Synchro Knee tucks

AT 30 min mark -
10 min clock:
Max Bike erg calories

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