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Crossfit WOD

Tuesday: Good Shapes..

28th December 2020

Classes are back to our normal schedule for the next couple of days until New Years Eve on Thursday where we will be running 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am and 9am CrossFit classes and a 5am Fitness class.



Every 90 seconds for 7 sets:

2 Hang power snatch

* Build to a heavy 2 rep


In an ascending ladder, 2-10 reps of:

Box jump
Hollow rock
Strict ring dip

* After each complete round do a 30 second hard Assault bike effort.  E.g. after the 2's are complete do 30 seconds, after the 4's are complete do 30 seconds etc.


3 rounds of:

2 min Sled push
2 min Echo bike
2 min Agility ladder
2 min Row
2 min Plate sit-up complex
2 min rest

* plate sit-up complex = 6 sit-ups (plate touch behind head and in between feet) + 12 side to sides

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