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Wednesday 24/11/21 - Weightlifting Day

23rd November 2021

Weightlifting Wednesday is upon us and today we are taking all our CrossFit classes into the Oly room to hone in on our Oly skills.  Head coach Brycey has programmed some work and when I asked him about what today is all about here was his succinct answer-

"Today we are doing a proper weightlifting session based around the snatch and whilst it is predominately about strength, it's about positional strength and if you are not strong in certain positions we need to work hard on perfecting those positions. I don't want to sugar coat what we do - it's hard.. but it's a different hard to what everyone is used to and very good for athletic growth and ultimately your CrossFit.  You will be surprised at how hard you actually work as there is a lot of focus and concentration needed and we will get through lots of work."

Don't skip today if you are serious about your training!



A. 3-4 sets of:
2 Pressing Snatch Balance
2 Sotts Press
2 Tall Snatch

B. 5-7 sets:
1 Snatch Pull with a Pause 1 Inch of the ground, Just below the knee, mid thigh
1 Snatch From the Hips
1 Snatch from below the knee but not the ground

C. 3-5 sets:
Clean pull x 3 reps
On all reps Pause 1 inch of the ground, just below the knee, mid thigh

D. 2-3 sets:
10 Lui Raises
10 Banded Squat/Deadlifts
30 Seconds Front Rack Hold in Jerk Position


Every 20 mins for 2 rounds:

Run 400m (or 300m)
Bike erg 1500m (or 1200m or 1000m)
Run 400m (or 300m)
Row 750m (or 600m or 500m)
Run 400m (or 300m)
Ski 375m (or 300m or 250m)
Run 400m (or 300m)
* Target is sub 16 min rounds!

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