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Crossfit WOD

Wednesday: Crossfit Total..

16th January 2019

This is a great opportunity to test our current numbers in the Squat, Press and Dead and set some goals to work towards. We are limited by time in this session so come prepared with a plan and spend some time mobilising prior to ensure you are ready to roll. You will get 3 true attempts at each lift where your first lift is a lift you know you can get, your second lift equal to or close to a PR and your third lift hopefully setting a new PR.


'CrossFit Total'

On a running clock find -

0-20 mins: 1 RM Back squat
20-30 mins: 1 RM Press
30-45 mins: 1 RM Deadlift

* Athletes have 3 attempts at each movement to find a 1 rep max

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