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CrossFit WOD

Jan 30 2015

Real Food and Fitness day 5!

Here we are, 5 days in.  Today I discovered the spaghetti squash!  I had seen this in American recipe books but hadn’t ever found the vegetable.  I came across it in the fruit store near Woolworths in Castletown and picked one up.  Max has been begging for pasta this week, so I thought I would give it a go.  We boiled the squash in a pot of water for 45 minutes, then cut it in half and scooped out the seeds.  Then, as you scrape the flesh out, it separates into spaghetti like strands.  Dan and I both had this in place of pasta, and Max had a try of it and gave it the thumbs up.  It was a bit crunchy, but didn’t have a strong flavor, so with pasta sauce on top was very tasty!!  I also discovered Macadamia Meal. In the same section as almond meal in the supermarket store, this is a coarser meal than almond.  I added it to a bowl of mango after dinner for dessert.  The mango (the only fruit I have had today) was deliciously sweet and the macadamia meal added a lovely crunchy, fatty topping to finish off a lovely meal.  I am going to add that to my list of ideas for morning meals too.  Leila loves mango and macadamia nuts (although of late will only eat the honeyed ones).  She liked this one too, so I will certainly add that to her breakfast repertoire! The weekend will be a busy one, with us doing our meal planning and shopping to make sure we are prepared for the busy week ahead.  Oats has made up the points board.  The points for the week will be calculated on Sunday night and added to the board on Monday.  Be sure to get your name and points total for the week on the board!!  Have a great weekend.  Stay Real! ~ Aimee

Jan 29 2015

Real Food and Fitness day 3 and 4.

The last few days have tested our real food resolve! I am sure some of you are feeling it as well.  It can feel a bit like groundhog day – especially with breakfast.  I was having a discussion with some real food participants the other day and we were talking about changing our thinking about traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Rather than thinking about what you would traditionally eat at those times, you more look at each meal as just that – a meal.  Our first meal of the day usually involves eggs.  This might mean that we have leftover steak and vegies, with an egg added to make our first meal look like “breakfast”.  If you are feeling hungry between meals, try adding more fats to your meals.  Avocado, nuts and olive oil are all a good start.  Vegies tossed in a bit of olive oil, lemon and garlic are delicious and a great way to add some satiating fat.  I am really enjoying the eating side of the project.  I am certainly finding the training side difficult.  As I try to settle into the new work and the kids into school, I am not finding much spare time.  Tonight as I ate dinner I did some box bookwork, then once the kids are in bed I am off to do some reading about the Myers-Briggs test.  I am hoping to find more time next week, until then, I just need to make sure I am eating super great and getting my other bonus points. Years ago when we did a whole 30 as a group I started drinking black coffee.  I kept up with the black coffee for about a year before I gave it up entirely.  Mostly because I was drinking too much and it was making me feel unpleasantly anxious.  These first few days in I am having half a cup in the afternoons as I hit that 3pm down time.  As my body is adjusting to the reduced sugar, I am finding that the afternoons are a struggle.  That little bit of coffee is enough to spark me up and get me through my bookwork, emails, school planning, washing, cleaning up and bedtime stories!  The kids are enjoying the different meals we have been experimenting with.  We have had some disaster lunches and some great successes – we learn as we go.  I am finding (and I noticed this in the whole 30 also), that I am being more creative in my cooking.  I am using far more herbs and spices – mostly because the pre-packaged sauces and seasonings I have used in the past all have sugar added!! I found a stall at the market at Willows on Sunday that had massive bunches of a wide variety of herbs for $2.50.  I’m not even sure what some of them are! I am just adding a handful to dinner if I think it smells like it would go nicely!!!  Don’t forget if you are looking for takeaway or an easy option and there is nothing in the freezer, Kymbo has a great, tasty range of take home meals at the Paleo Café Townsville City.  Keep up the good work team! Stay Real.

 ~ Aimee

Jan 27 2015

Real Food and Fitness Day 2.

Well, I have learned a few things in the 24 hours since I last posted.  The first would be, staring a new eating plan with the kids the same week they start school is a TERRIBLE idea!!  We struggled to get Max filled up at breakfast today. He had a mild allergy to eggs as an infant that he seems to have outgrown, however he still has an aversion to eating them whole.  So breakfast is always hard. He would eat a kilogram of bacon if I let him but that isn’t about to happen!  Today he had some bacon and chicken with toast.  I will keep working on better options, but for today that was what he had!!  Both Max and Leila proudly made their own lunchboxes (all before I got out of bed at 5.30am!!).  Both of them bought home most of their big lunch *sigh. Although I suspect that was because there are far better things to do than eat on the first day of school with all those friends to play with!  The other thing I learned is that I am quite insane!  Pretty close to certified! I got a phone call yesterday from the Principal of a school I used to teach at desperately trying to fill a term 1 spot for a staff member who unexpectedly went on sick leave.  Some crazy notion came over me that that would be a good idea and I have accepted the contract.  Because, in the middle of starting the Real Food Project, starting the CrossFit Open, starting Ella at a new school and the start of the football season I have plenty of spare time!!  In the staffroom today while they were going through my timetable Ella (who doesn’t start at her new school until tomorrow) sat patiently at the lunch table.  She made friends with my colleagues (whom I don’t even know and whose names I can’t remember!!) – she buckled to temptation when offered a cupcake that a teacher named Joel (he and Ell are great mates) made for day one!   But, that is life, there are temptations, and if that was one of our adults doing the project you lose a couple of points and make sure you get all your bonus points to make up for those lost ones!!  Anyway as I was leaving one of the teachers joked that we would be having takeaway tomorrow night – and I thought “just one night?!? How about the next 10 weeks of takeaway!!”  But, then I remembered I had been cooking all day yesterday and have a good stock of meals to keep me going this week. Winning!  I need to sit down tonight and do some points calculation! Sadly, I haven’t made it to class – but am keen to get into one of the approved travel WODs to get my exercise points for the day.  I am also trialing cauliflower rice with dinner tonight.  I am actually going to mix the cauliflower with real rice for the kids – mainly because we are having savoury mince as our protein and my vegie-tarian won’t eat much mince and wouldn’t eat any cauliflower – so I will mix it up and fingers crossed she eats it! A little cauliflower is better than no cauliflower.  I may get a bit patchy with my posting the next few days – forgive me while I get myself sorted out back into teacher mode! Wish me luck! Stay real. ~ Aimee

Jan 26 2015

Real Food and Fitness. DAY 1

Happy Australia Day everyone!  Our day started early, like many of you we were keen to get to the run along the Strand.  The kids surprised us by being up and dressed before us… all except Leila, she was worried it was still night time and would not get out of bed without a fight!!  We met the crew at Jezzine and were thrilled with the turn out again.  There were so many faces from CFTSV and it was great to see some of the Fit Solutions 8 Week Challenge Crew out for a run as well.  It was fantastic to see a few of our CrossFit Kids Crew get out and give the run a go too!  5 kilometers is a long way for little legs, no doubt there will be some sore muscles in the next few days (that goes for the adults too!).  After the run was a great chance to do some food prep for the week.  A couple of hours in the kitchen and we have lunches organized for most of the week, with the fridge and freezer full.  This makes for a relaxed start to the week for me.  I only need to make sure that Dan doesn’t eat it all tomorrow!!!  After the run we enjoyed the hospitality of the Alice River Lions Club.  The ladies at the front server were even kind enough to give us just bacon and eggs with no bun.  The kids took the lack of bread with their sausage well – not so much the lack of tomato sauce!!  Lunch today was sausages and salad for Max and Ella, while Leila had cheese on toast!  Sigh!  I am very conscious of the kids becoming obsessed with eating healthy food and this becoming an issue.  So, if she wants cheese on toast on the weekend, I am happy for her to have that.  We are also not encouraging the kids to do the points.  They really want to, and I think it is a good way to help them to make good food choices, but I will not be following up the points with them.  Lunch for Dan and I was ratatouille with meatballs and avocado.  I made a couple of kilograms of meatballs to freeze for kids lunches (and we pinched a couple of these).  Max loves porcupines (the meatballs with rice, cooked in tomato soup), so I grated some cauliflower in – he thinks its rice and is happy with his “win”.  Unless he reads this, he is none the wiser.  We are very lucky that the kids school has a coldroom for the children to store their lunchboxes in, so we are able to send fresh foods that would otherwise spoil in the heat.  My fingers are crossed that tomorrow goes well and lunchboxes come home empty!  A big good luck to all our CrossFit Kids (and CrosFit Parents) who are returning to or starting school tomorrow.  The CFTSV Real Food and Fitness Project Face Book page is the place to share your photos and stories – if you don’t have access yet, do a search and request an add… otherwise send me an email and I will add you on that way.  It has been great to see some pictures and stories already being added there.  

Jan 25 2015

Real Food and Fitness Day minus 1!

Here we are the day before we officially kick off the Real Food and Fitness Project!  The key to success to any program where you are altering your food intake is to be prepared.  We started off our Sunday with a quick trip down to the markets to stock up on vegetables.  We will finish off our Sunday by cooking a few meals we can freeze for through the week.  For Dan, breakfast is the most inconvenient meal for him.  He is up before 4am to get ready for work and the last thing he wants to do is cook a big breakfast.  So, while we are on the project, we are going to cook his breakfast the night before, and leave it in the fridge for the morning.  I will make a big pot of ratatouille – we will freeze some of this in portions and keep some in the fridge. This is a great dish for making sure we meet the 50% vegie component of our meal. 

I have always been big on menu planning.  I map out what we are having for dinner then make a list of the grocery items we need.  I have a look at what commitments I have during the day and evening each day, if I have a busy day and lots of afterschool activities I will make sure that day I am prepared for a slow cooker meal.  This week I am going to make double quantities of the meals that freeze well, so that once we get back into the busy life of after school soccer, gymnastics, baseball, football, drama and crossfit kids I am not going to be caught out without a good meal.  My meal plan goes on a whiteboard in the kitchen, this means that that dreaded “what are we having for dinner?” is totally avoided – I just point to the kitchen!  I am going to keep things fairly basic this week. 

Because we do this as a family, it always takes a bit of convincing the kids that they will survive a few weeks without pasta (Max’s absolute favourite!) and sweets (Ella has a sugar dragon the size of Drogon).  Leila informs me she is a vegie-tarian so the 50% part of her dinner will be no problem!  We will have meat and salad, fish and vegies, slow cooked beef stew and things along those lines for dinners this week.  Lunches present more of a problem, especially with school starting!  We have made a list together of good choices for lunchboxes, this takes the thinking work out of deciding what to give the kids to eat at school.  Max wants to have ham wraps – pieces of ham used as the “wrap” with cucumber, lettuce, carrot and tomato as the filling.  Leila and Ella prefer “salads”, lettuce, cucumber, carrot and olives.  I add some olive oil (to raise the level of satiating fat in their meal) and lemon juice for flavor.  Both girls will have some roast chicken (apparently this vegie-tarian likes chicken!), salami or boiled eggs.  We usually give the kids their larger lunch meal to have during first break at school.  They have breakfast around 6.30am, so by the time morning tea break comes at 11am, they are ready for a full meal.  Then, their big lunch will be a tin of tuna and a piece of fruit, or something similar.  They each have a thermos lunch pot that we can heat up in the morning and put hot food in.  We use this for when they take leftover dinner.  Sometimes I cook up some meatballs (with vegies mashed inside) or sausages in the morning and put them into their hot pots.  These go in their first lunch box, and I am told they are still warm when it is time to eat.  All this takes a little extra prep time in the morning – and a little extra washing up in the afternoon! 

Exercise wise, we are all set to register for the Australia Day Fun Run.  We have downloaded a registration form from the Townsville Road Runners website and will be down there to register between 6am and 7am (the kids are super excited about the early start ;).  The run itself kicks off at 7am.  I will be walking with Leila (I have a pesky foot injury and Lei has little legs), while Ella and Max are going to attempt the run with Dan.   We would love company, bring the family down and we can hit this one as a team!  It is always more fun when others share the pain!!  The board for registering your points progress will be up this week.  Remember we just want your total points for the week – so there will be no entries until next Monday.  Please email if you have any questions or queries as the project goes on.  Hope to see many of you in the morning at the fun run!  I liked to see the pictures of some of you enjoying you last day of “free” eating before the project. 

Stay Real.


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