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CrossFit WOD

May 26 2015

CFTSV @ The Black River Rush

This weekend, if you are looking for something a little different to do, is the opening of The Black River Rush.  The Rush is a fully equipped obstacle course training facility with rope climbs, A-Frames, tunnels, a cargo net  and lots of other stuff to test your fitness.  It fits really well with what we do here at CFTSV, training for the unknown and unknowable.  This Saturday afternoon we are inviting all CFTSV members to be the first to give the course a workout.  Cost is $30 and includes a 90 minute training session and BBQ afterwards.  There are two time slots available, 3pm and 4.15pm.  Spots are limited in the 3pm group but there is still plenty of availability in the 4.15pm group.  If you are interested in booking your place to come and check it out email [email protected]

May 26 2015

Wednesday: Double the trouble..

With the CrossFit Regionals behind us we are going to give everyone a chance to go team today..


Deadlift (use training max)
5 reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 85%
1+ reps @ 95%
HSPU / Handstand practice


With a partner -

20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2 of:

DB snatch (syncronised with your partner)
MB slam (1:1)
Sit up (syncronised with your partner)

* For this workout do 20 Alt DB snatches each and synchronised followed by 20 MB slams sharing the reps 10 each followed by 20 synchronised sit ups each.

May 25 2015

Tuesday: Partner task


In 12 mins build to a heavy 5 rep Hang power clean


On a 20 minute running clock and working in pairs:

On 0:00 -

Run 3 x 400m 1:1 with your partner

At 12:00 - 

50 Hang power cleans 90 / 60 kg
75 CTB pull-ups


3 mins max KB swings


May 23 2015

Monday: Repping the Ville

We enter Week 3 of our first cycle of the Wendler program this week.  Remember, we are using 90% of your actual max to work out all percentages.


Back squat (use training max)
5 reps @ 75%
3 reps @ 85%
1+ reps @ 95%
Wtd Strict pull-up x 3 reps


AMRAP in 12 mins of:

12 Burpees to jump onto a plate
12 OH Plate lunges 20 / 15 kg
50 Double unders


1 min V-up + 1 min Plank x 3

May 22 2015

Saturday: 'Eva'



5 rounds for time:

Run 800m
30 KB swings
30 Pull-ups

* This is a tough workout with a 40 minute cap.  The option here will be to chip through the WOD with a partner.

May 21 2015

Friday: Power couplet..

May 20 2015

Thursday: Strict day..

May 19 2015

Wednesday: P***ed off..

May 18 2015

Tuesday: A running EMOM..

May 16 2015

Monday: Strict Press Biathlon

May 15 2015

Saturday: Fight Gone Real Bad!!

May 14 2015

Friday: Front rack lunge and Burpees..

May 13 2015

Thursday: Deadlift day

May 12 2015

Wednesday: Mid week Hero..

May 11 2015

Tuesday: Run day..

May 10 2015

Monday: Strength block start..

May 8 2015

Saturday: Twice bitten..

May 7 2015

Friday: Clean complex

May 6 2015

Thursday: 'Lynne'

May 5 2015

Wednesday: Dead test..