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CrossFit WOD

Nov 25 2014


Before I get into details about the Christmas Party, I just want to say a quick few words about the weekends competition.  It has been said on Facebook (but not everyone is on the book) and I certainly don't want to carry on about it or piss in anyones pocket - but I want to make sure you all know how very thankful we are to each and every one of you for the amazing weekend.  This last weekend CrossFit Townsville "powered" the Allstar Affiliate Series here in Townsville.  What exactly does "powered" mean?  It means that our staff and dedicated clients spend many hours setting up, judging, taking door money, entering scores, enforcing standards, serving in the cafe, cleaning up, dismantling the rig... the list goes on.  On Friday afternoon, George, Bayden, Shane, Dion, Mel, Matt and his wife, Jordon, Steve, Bryce, Ellen, Gina, Lily, Dan and Rob were the helpers.  Collectively they met at Ryan and unloaded hundreds of kilograms of equipment off the truck and then assembled the rig and set up the arena.  Over the weekend, Gibbsy, Oats, Jordon, Linda, Sue M, Sue F, Joanne, Stacie, Ryan, Tim, Mish, Kim, Katie, Jane, Aniko, Lisa, Tracey and Belinda all helped out whether it be on the door, scoring, running score sheets, in the kitchen, emptying bins, refilling hand towels, getting food or drinks for our staff and entertaining our children!!!  Then on Sunday afternoon we had the incomparable George Henderson, Jesse, Baydo, Tody, Kylie, Ellen, Lily, Oats, Jordon, Bryce, Sarah and Alahna stay behind and disassemble the rig and re-pack the hundreds of kilograms of equipment back on to the truck! Thank you also to all the Judges who spend their entire weekend doing the worst job of all!!  The judge is always sorest of all - at least the athletes get a rest and stretch between WOD's.  There are too many of you to name individually - but THANK YOU ALL!!  (It's always a risk naming names that I forget someone, and I am sure there will be someone who was there helping who I haven't mentioned by name and I sincerely apologise - we are very thankful to you too!). We receive no payment for the hours put in to make this event a success and none of our staff are paid for their time either.  For us, the reward is seeing our people push themselves out of their comfort zones and compete in a competition they otherwise may not have access to if it didn't come to Townsville.  The reward is seeing one of our CFKids athletes get in and have a go at judging for the first time.  The reward is being able to walk away and say that in conjuction with Allstars, we put on a good show that will inspire people to continue to work towards their goals!  The word "community" is tossed around alot when it comes to CrossFit Boxes.  I can honestly say, I have not come across a more supportive, encouraging and loyal community!    In the end we had too many volunteers through the weekend and some ended up becoming spectators!  And since then, I have been overwhelmed with people offerring to help with the organisation of the Christmas Party which has taken a bit of a back seat (until today).  So THANK YOU to our amazing COMMUNITY who will show up and put in no matter what crazy idea we have!!  YOU are CrossFit Townsville and we love you!

Now.... Christmas party time... YEEEE HAAAA!  It is time to party like it's 1999!!  Sue B has very kindly done up an RSVP board where the Allstars board used to be (thanks Sue!).  Please write your name and number of attendee's on the board so I know how much food we need.  There is no cost for the party, we will provide dinner, drinks are available for purchase from the bar.  The venue is WILDCATZ INDOOR SPORTS, this is a giant green shed around the corner from CFTSV on Black Hawk Blvd... if you drive the mile run track you will go straight past it.  You will also need to start organising yourself into teams of 6.  We are running a round robin type competition.  There are 5 sports; dodgeball, netball, cricket, soccer and volleyball.  Each team will play each sport and somehow we will work out who is the winner (I'm working on logistics, more details on Saturday). Teams that have a "bye" may be required to referee another game.  We will have coloured bibs to wear so don't worry about co-ordinating team uniforms unless you are super keen! I am hoping we have enough kids to throw together a couple of kids teams to have a go against each other too!  Team registration is 4pm, we will kick of competition soon after.  BBQ will be at 6pm ish.  The venue is licensed until midnight.

Would love to see you all there.  Everyone is welcome to attend, including our CF Kids families. The more the merrier!! 

Nov 28 2014

Saturday: Go long..


For time:

1 mile run
3 rounds of:

35 Wall balls
20 DB alt snatch
10 Muscle ups

1 mile run

* There will be a team option to complete this workout with appropriate scalings for muscle ups if need be.

Nov 27 2014

Friday: Tabata mash


A1. Push Press 9-7-5-3
rest 90 seconds
A2. Hollow Hold x 30 seconds
rest 90 seconds


Tabata mash of:

SDLHP 35/25kg
Push Press 35/25kg
Burpee over the bar

* Perform SDLHP for 20 sec then rest 10 sec, 20 sec Push press and rest 10 sec, 20 sec burpee over bar and rest 10 sec, then 20 sec rest and 10 sec rest x 8 total rounds.

Nov 26 2014

Thursday: Relentless!


In teams of 2 climb the ladder - 

AMRAP in 20 mins of:

1 Box jump over
1 Calorie row
2 Box jump overs
2 Calorie row

* Your partner must complete a round before you can begin your round.

Nov 25 2014

Wednesday: Skill work..


A1. Tall clean x 3
rest 90 seconds
A2. Box jump for height x 3
rest 90 seconds


4 rounds for time of:

Accumulate 45 sec ring support
30 Deadlift 62.5/45kg

Nov 24 2014

Tuesday: Team tonic!

Nov 23 2014

Monday: Short Triplet

Nov 21 2014

Saturday: Homework

Nov 20 2014

Friday: Power play..

Nov 19 2014

Thursday: Deads and a partner classic..

Nov 18 2014

Wednesday: Race the clock..

Nov 17 2014

Tuesday: Straight through..

Nov 15 2014

Monday: Grab it..

Nov 12 2014

Thursday: Engine time..

Nov 14 2014

Saturday: Chip and Chase

Nov 13 2014

Friday: Something different..

Nov 11 2014

Wednesday: Rubber legs..

Nov 10 2014

Tuesday: Lucky 7's

Nov 8 2014

Monday: Allstars practice

Nov 7 2014

Saturday: Team rep count