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CrossFit WOD

Oct 24 2016

Tuesday: Thruster Assault..


Press 5 x 2 reps 

* Lift every 2 mins 30 and build each set.


Every 3 mins for 3 total rounds:

15 Thrusters 45 / 30 kg
15 / 10 Assault bike cals

* Goal is to complete each set as fast as possible


At 13 mins - 

In teams of 5:

Max cals Ski erg

* max of 15 cals per effort

Oct 22 2016

Monday: Intervals..


Every 90 seconds for 7 sets:

1 Power clean + 1 Hang power clean


On a running clock and with a partner - 

At 0:00

Run 2 x 600m each (goal is 5 seconds slower than mile pace for each)

At 13:00

Run 2 x 200m each (goal is 5 seconds faster than mile pace for each)

At 18:00

Run 2 x 400m each (goal is mile pace for each)

At 27:00

Run 4 x 100m each (run each as fast as possible)


At 34 mins - 



* You choose reps but be consistent

Oct 16 2016

The charge into Christmas..

We are now in the last quarter of 2016... Wow this year has flown but there is still lots to look forward to in our drive towards the end of the year.  

A big welcome to our latest crew of Fundmentals that will enter classes this week.  Our Fundamentals program has been a shining light with Bryce leading the way and introducing lots of new folks to the CFTSV family.  Make sure you say g'day to someone new this week and make them feel at home.

Our latest CFTSV Boot camp will get underway this week too with a big crew of boys and girls getting ready for a 6 week block of very challenging training ahead.

Class Wars is a little over a month away and this is set to be the event of the year.  5am, 6am, 9.30am and the afternoon crew will go head to head at the Sports Reserve on December 3 for class supremacy.  At this stage we are limiting team numbers to 30 and a few teams are already full so we are looking forward to a massive morning of fun!!

Following the fun of Class Wars, our annual Christmas Party will take place at the Crowne on Palmer.  If you are keen to join us for some food, drinks and heaps of fun let Emma know at the front desk.  Cost is $30.

That's all for now but stay tuned for another update in a couple of weeks.

Train hard!!

Oct 21 2016

Saturday: Everybody work, work, work, work, work..


In teams of 3 - 

For time:

300 Row cals
300 Squats
200 Assault bike cals
200 Burpees
Run 2 x 300m each
300 Sit ups

* Share the work anyhow

Oct 20 2016

Friday: Flex up Friday..



7 reps @ 65%
7 reps @ 75%
7+ reps @ 85%

* Lift every 3 mins


AMRAP in 10 mins:

50 Double unders
10 HSPU (open standard)
5 Muscle ups


At 14 mins - 

1:1 with a partner:

3 x 100m Front rack carry

Oct 16 2016

Thursday: Bargain power..

Oct 18 2016

Wednesday: Work for reps..

Oct 17 2016

Tuesday: Buying in..

Oct 15 2016

Monday: Pacing..

Oct 14 2016

Saturday: 'Open Test'

Oct 13 2016

Friday: Fruit bowl..

Oct 12 2016

Thursday: Partner Tag..

Oct 11 2016

Wednesday: DB sprint..

Oct 10 2016

Tuesday: Sonic boom..

Oct 8 2016

Monday: Run strong..

Oct 7 2016

Saturday: Headache..

Oct 6 2016

Friday: Bergeron Beep - Gut Check

Oct 5 2016

Thursday: Jumpin..

Oct 4 2016

Wednesday: Cal burnin..

Oct 3 2016

Tuesday: Big Daddy..