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CrossFit WOD

Dec 22 2014

Wednesday: 12 Days of Christmas

T'was the night before Christmas...

1 Muscle up
2 Power cleans 100/70kg
4 Box jump overs
5 DB thrusters 20/15
6 Pull-ups
7 Wall balls
8 OH ball lunge
9 Burpees
10 Row cals
11 KB swings
12 ..............

* Like the song: On the first day of Xmas my CrossFit coach gave to me 1 Muscle up, on the second day of Xmas my CrossFit coach gave to me 2 Power cleans, 1 Muscle up etc. etc.  Add to comments your guess for 12.

Dec 22 2014

Tuesday: Keeping up..


A1. Push press 8-6-4-2
rest 90 seconds
A2. Ring row (use tempo) x 10-15 reps
rest 90 seconds


With a partner -

10 x max metres on the rower in 30 seconds

rest 3 mins

10 x max double unders in 30 seconds

* Work 1:1 with your partner for the 10 sets before changing movements.

Dec 21 2014

Monday: Lizzie


A1. Front squat 8-6-4-2
rest 90 seconds
A2. Weighted Ring dips x 4-6 reps
rest 90 seconds


AMRAP ladder in 7 minutes:

3 Squat cleans 62.5/45kg
3 Ring dips


Dec 17 2014

Xmas opening hours

The festive season is upon us yet again..  We hope you have enjoyed your year of training and you have reaped results equal to your efforts.  2015 promises to be bigger and better and we will have some information going out next week regarding some small changes to our membership structure and timetable.  Stay tuned..

We are going to keep trucking through the holiday season and we will only be shut Christmas Day and New Years Day.  Click on our timetable or see below for a full update of our opening hours over the Christmas week.

Monday 22nd December - usual hours
Tuesday 23rd December - usual hours
Wednesday 24th December - 5am, 6am, 7am, 8am
(please note there is no 9.30am class or afternoon classes on Xmas eve)
Thursday 25th December - closed for a day of pork and pudding : )
Friday 26th December - 6am, 7am, 8am
(please note there are only 3 classes on Boxing Day)
Saturday 27th December - 6am, 7am
(please note there is no 8am class)

Dec 13 2014

CFTSV Endurance

Great to see a crew get along to Riverway for the 5k time trial last Tuesday afternoon.  We are hoping to continue to grow the group as we move towards the first event on the running calendar next year - the Australia Day Fun Run.

Sessions this week are as follows:

Session 1 - 3 x 1 mile efforts @ 3-5 sec faster than approx. 5k pace - rest 90 seconds between each effort.  (For anyone keen to hit this with others meet at the box on Tuesday afternoon from 5.30pm.  This will not be a coached session but getting a few people together to tackle this session is a great way to keep you honest with your pace)

Session 2 - 8 x 400m @ mile pace - rest 90 seconds between each.

* Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated before, during and after all your endurance work.  We have had some killer humidity and it is easy to fall into the trap of not being properly prepared, falling into a heap mid session and then wondering what the hell happened.

Dec 19 2014

Saturday: Team of 2

Dec 18 2014

Friday: The simple stuff

Dec 17 2014

Thursday: The Bear necessities..

Dec 16 2014

Wednesday: Road runner..

Dec 15 2014

Tuesday: Another one from main site!

Dec 14 2014

Monday: Hard knocks..

Dec 8 2014

CFTSV Endurance sessions

Dec 12 2014

Saturday: The Family!

Dec 11 2014

Friday: Frantic..

Dec 10 2014

Thursday: She wishes...

Dec 9 2014

Wednesday: 10/12/14

Dec 8 2014

Tuesday: Jump rope..

Dec 5 2014

Monday: You can do it!!

Dec 5 2014

Saturday: Mates..

Dec 4 2014

Friday: Mini Triple 3..