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CrossFit WOD

Nov 1 2014

Monday: Bout to go boom..

Off the back of a super succesful test week hopefully people have identified some chinks in their armour to work on or maybe surprised themselves with their results on certain aspects of their 'fitness'.  We will roll that week out again later in the year with our jack of all trades Wadeo whipping up a spreadsheet for those that put their numbers up on the far board.  This week we have a strict pull-up challenge starting with special guest programmer Brett Fforde coming up with some super cool ideas to get your pull-ups up to scratch.  Everyone and I mean everyone can benefit from having a better strict pull-up and we are very keen to watch your progress.  The extra work will be up on the 'Extras whiteboard' as of next week and I would love to see everyone embrace the challenge by spending the 10 or 15 mins every couple of days doing the work.  Thanks again to 4D for coming up with some great stuff!!


AMRAP in 18 mins of:

15 Deadlifts 70/45kg
12 Push ups
9 T2B

Oct 31 2014

Saturday: Hero WOD 'Hammer'



5 rounds each for time of:

5 Power cleans 62.5/42.5kg
10 Front squats 62.5/42.5kg
5 Push jerks 62.5/42.5kg
20 Pull-ups

* rest 90 seconds after each round



Oct 30 2014

Friday: Test match..

Today is the last of our test days.  Remember to use your time wisely and make sure you log all your scores.

On a 40 minute running clock and in any order complete:

A. 1 rep max Back squat
B. 3 rep max Hang power snatch
C. 50 Strict pull-ups
D. Row 1k for time
E. 300 Double unders for time

Oct 29 2014

Thursday: Double Up Ladder


In 7 mins climb the ladder of:

3 Wall balls 20/14lbs
3 Box Jumps 24/20"
6 Wall balls 20/14lbs
6 Box Jumps 24/20"

rest 7 mins

In 7 mins climb the ladder of:

3 Deadlift 102.5/70kg
6 Deadlift 102.5/70kg


Oct 28 2014

Wednesday: Testing Day 2

Same drill as Monday folks.  Work your way through the tests in any order.  My suggestion though, is test your weakest links first while you are still fresh.  If you are still perfecting your toes to bar but you run a max 800m first you are definitely going to suffer even more than usual on those T2B.  Good luck!!

On a 40 minute running clock and in any order complete:

A. 1 rep max Press
B. 3 rep max Hang power clean
C. 100 air squats for time
D. Run 800m for time
E. 75 T2B for time

Oct 27 2014

Tuesday: A twist..

Oct 26 2014

Monday: Let the testing begin!

Oct 24 2014

Saturday: Work capacity

Oct 23 2014

Friday: Such a classic!

Oct 22 2014

Thursday: 14.2 V2

Oct 15 2014

Wednesday: Something different..

Oct 20 2014

Tuesday: Burpee pull-up chaser..

Oct 18 2014

Monday: Partner power

Oct 13 2014

Team Fundraising

Oct 17 2014

Saturday: Barbell partner Bash..

Oct 16 2014


Oct 15 2014

Thursday: Get under it!

Oct 14 2014

Wednesday: Long hit out

Oct 13 2014

Tuesday: More practice

Oct 11 2014

Monday: Allstars practice