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CrossFit WOD

Apr 18 2015

Monday: Evil eyes..



Press 7-7-7-7
+ Pistol practice

* Take the opportunity to practice anything from single leg box step downs to weighted pistol squats.  Just make sure you work on something that is going to progress you in the movement.


AMRAP in 9 mins of:

Run 100m
5 Burpees
10 DB alt snatch
rest 30 seconds

* Attack each round hard but in a fashion that allows you to repeat that effort throughout.  Think of it like a 1 mile run TT or 2k row where your effort level is sustained for the entire time.


EMOM for 5 mins:

Strict Pull-ups

(you choose reps, weight, or scaling)

Apr 16 2015

April - In focus with..

We are continuing our In foucs series this month with Andy Moran.  Andy has been a regular of the afternoon classes for a long time now and in that time has become a very handy CrossFitter.  Let's get to know this born and bred Townsvillian a little better..

Grew up where: Townsville   



Fitter and Turner 

When did you first start training at CFTSV?:  

Favorite WOD:   15.4 

Least Favorite WOD:  Anything with burpees and thrusters so 14.5 

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel? 

I was convinced to come and give it a go. All I remember is doing Murph in the first week I started. I couldn’t straighten my legs or my arms for the next 4 days. 

What session do you train at predominately? 

5 30pm and 6pm 

What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Townsville?  

The constantly changing workouts and the people you meet and get to train with or againstSeeing improvement in the bench mark lifts and workouts. 

Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFTSV moments:

Traveling down to Wollongong to watch the tropic thunder team qualify for the world games in 2014. Bootcamp games is always a fun afternoon out.  

Any advice for people just getting started? 

Just stick at it and keep turning up, even if it hurts to move. The pain will go away eventually. Don’t be scared to challenge yourself. 

What training were you doing before you started CrossFit at CrossFit Townsville? 

I was playing squash and just the standard gym, Chest and tris, back and bis.  

What are your favourite things to do on the weekend? 

Take the dogs for a run on the beach, hang out with mates and take the jet ski for a ride around Maggie Island. 

Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you a little better! 

Apr 13 2015

Regionals Shirts

We have been working with Odin to come up with a shirt for Regionals this year.  I have attached a copy of the preliminary design.  We went with something a little different this year...the map of Queensland is made up of the names of everyone from CFTSV who registered for the Open.  The image attached is of the rear of the shirt.  Because they are for a specific event, we are only going to do a pre-order so we don't end up with leftovers!  So - If you are keen for one of these awesome shirts, there is a list on the desk at the box - please write your name down and what size you are after and we will order them from Odin this way.  The sizing will be the same as the regular Odin shirts we have had in the past - we have a few behind the desk if you wanted to try one on to double check your size.  We won't know exactly how much these shirts are each until we have final numbers as cost varies depending on the number we order.  We anticipate they will be around $40 each.  We need to have numbers finalised by Wednesday 22 April to ensure we receive the shirts before the regionals weekend in May!  If you can't get into the box to put your name on the list, drop me an email at [email protected] with your order details and I will add you to the list!

Apr 11 2015

12 hour swim?! Let's do it!!

I have registered CFTSV as a team for the upcoming Swim for MS.  This event will be held at Kokoda Pool on Sunday the 3rd of May.  It is a 12 hour team swim event.  Starting at 6am through until 6pm each team must have a swimmer in the pool at all times.  The rules allow for swimmers to use floatation devices, kickboards and fins (this is very exciting news for us rock like swimmers!).  I registered us for this event for 2 great reasons... 1.  We will be raising money to support research into Multiple Sclerosis.  2. As we saw from our epic 24 hour rowing challenge, these events build community and that is what makes CFTSV great!!

"WOW" I can hear you all saying - now that's something I want to be a part of.  Well, here is how you make it happen!  You need to register for the swim.  To do this, go to the link below:


Once you are registered, you can join our team: CrossFit Townsville.  There is a fee involved to register, but all funds go towards the cause.  There are links then to start fundraising for our team.  So far we have 8 adults and 3 kids registered to swim.  You are welcome to sign on family or friends to join our team even if they are not members of CFTSV.  I will be putting a roster up at the box so that you can put your name down to swim a specific period of time - that way you don't necessarily need to be at the pool all day.  So - get on our team!  If you are unable to swim - mark the date to come down and cheer for whomever is doing the hard yards at the time.

~ Aimee

Apr 17 2015

Saturday: Monster Mash..


In teams of 2 and on a continuously running clock - 

0:00 - 15:00

3 rounds of:

30 Power Cleans 60 / 40 kg
30 Calorie Row
Run 800m

15:00 - 30:00

3 rounds of:

20 Power Snatch 60 / 40 kg
20 Burpee Over the Bar
Run 800m

30:00 - 45:00

3 rounds of:

30 KB Swings 32 / 24 kg
30 Knee to Elbows
Run 800m

* Complete the 3 rounds before heading onto the run.  Rest the remainder if you get in before the next time cap starts.  Head out on the run at the 12 minute mark if you haven't completed the alloted work.

Apr 16 2015

Friday: Chalk ass..

Apr 15 2015

Thursday: WTF....

Apr 14 2015

Wednesday: Rep rage..

Apr 13 2015

Tuesday: You are on the clock...

Apr 12 2015

Monday: Balls to the wall..

Apr 10 2015

Saturday: Two's company..

Apr 9 2015

Friday: On the rebound..

Apr 8 2015

Thursday: Double ladder

Apr 7 2015

Wednesday: Space man..

Apr 6 2015

Tuesday: Bell Ringer..

Apr 5 2015

Monday: Chocolate Burn Out..

Apr 2 2015

The Open review and Easter Timetable

Apr 2 2015

Friday: Good Friday Hero

Apr 1 2015

Thursday: Partner tango..

Mar 31 2015

Wednesday: Mega man