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CrossFit WOD

Mar 31 2015

Wednesday: Mega man


Build to a heavy 3 rep Power clean for 10 mins


3 rounds for max reps of:

90 seconds KB swings 32 / 24 kg
90 seconds Ring dips
90 seconds Power clean 62.5 / 45 kg

* rest 2 mins after each round


2 x max effort Handstand holds - rest as needed

Mar 30 2015

Tuesday: Razor sharp


Press 3-3-3-3-3
Strict pull-up practice


AMRAP in 12 mins of:

15 Pull-ups
30 Air squats
60 Double unders


Run 3 x 200m

* 1:2 work to rest

Mar 29 2015

Monday: '15.5' Lung Burner

It's been an awesome 5 weeks but after Monday the 2015 Open will be done and dusted.  In the end we had 119 people register from CrossFit Townsville and join as one in experiencing the highs and lows that goes with this incredibly unique event.  From the nerves and anticipation during the workout annoucement, to the feeling of dread as the clock begins its countdown from 10 and then finally the feeling of accomplishment when you finish your assignment, the Open certainly has it all.  We are so proud of the many, many individuals who tackled their first Open (some only after a couple of months of CrossFit) and we know that you are only going to come back more hungry to attack your training and be better next year.  To the more experienced crew who have been through it all, I hope the same goes for you.  This years Open pin pointed lots of weaknesses for people particularly in the gymnastic side of things and I for one am someone who will be putting extra work in this area over the next 12 months.

Thank you to everyone that was a part of our Friday Night Lights experience over the last 5 weeks.  Athletes you were inspirational, judges you were colossal and supporters you guys give more to the competitors than you know.  A special thanks to Gina, Sue and Emma for organising the treats and to Jamie for his expertise on the BBQ!  You guys depict what our community is all about and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Now, its time to put the head back down and get ready for the next event on the calendar which will be the Tropic Thunder Twins comp mid year.


Build to a heavy Thruster from the floor for 10 mins.



27-21-15-9 of:

Calorie row
Thrusters 43 / 30 kg


50 Burpees for time

Mar 25 2015

What's on..


 It’s the final week of the CrossFit Open and to celebrate we are going to have a BBQ and a few drinks on Friday night.  Those that haven’t ventured on down to a CFTSV Friday Night Lights don’t know what they have missed so far this season but it’s ok because you have one last opportunity to come down and watch our guys and girls lay it on the line.  Gina has promised everyone chocolate cake to boot so you really don’t have any excuses!! 

 ‘Bring a Friend Day’

 Thursday’s traditionally at CFTSV are pretty quiet with lots of people taking a rest day most weeks, in particular while the Open has been at full tilt.  That will be very different this week with our very first ‘Bring a Friend Day’ on Thursday.  The response from you guys has been overwhelming and we really appreciate the support you show us by backing such an event.  It shows us you believe in what we are doing, so much so that you want your friends to be involved too.  The foundation of a CrossFit gym is its community and we have one of the best, no doubt about that.

 Easter Timetable

 Can you believe that Easter is next weekend already…!!!  Our Easter timetable this year is as follows:

 Good Friday: 5am,  6am, 7am

Easter Saturday: Closed

Easter Monday: 5pm, 6pm

Tuesday: Back to normal


If you have any queries about the timetable don’t hesitate to talk to one of the coaches or email [email protected].



 Small week of birthdays this week but a big Happy Birthday to Alli McClean and Nikki Hernandez!!

Mar 27 2015

Saturday: Teams of 3..


In teams of 3 - 

AMRAP in 21 mins of:

50 Box jump overs
50 Burpee over the bar
50 Front squats 62.5 / 45 kg

On the 24 mins - 

AMRAP in 12 of:

ABC relays

* In an ABC relay there is an A partner, B partner and a C partner.  A runs first and tags B who runs and tags C.  When C gets back he picks up A and B and they all go out together.  That is one round.  Repeat but change the order each round.

Mar 26 2015

Friday: Flat chat..

Mar 25 2015

Thursday: 'Bring a Friend Day'

Mar 25 2015

Wednesday: 5 rounder..

Mar 23 2015

Tuesday: Bumpy road..

Mar 22 2015

Monday: '15.4' Upside down

Mar 17 2015

What's up this week..

Mar 20 2015

Saturday: Everybody Congo!

Mar 19 2015

Friday: Counting crows..

Mar 18 2015

Thursday: Fruit Tingle..

Mar 17 2015

Wednesday: Barbell triplet on the clock

Mar 16 2015

Tuesday: The luck of the Irish

Mar 14 2015

Monday: '15.3' Road block

Mar 8 2015

This week at CFTSV

Mar 13 2015

Saturday: Towering Inferno..

Mar 7 2015

Friday: Puttin' it out there..