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CrossFit WOD

Mar 5 2015

In focus with...

This month we get to learn about long time CFTSV member Gina 'GG' Searles.  Gina 100% personifies the word community and is always quick to offer a hand at any of our events.  She is also currently on a hot streak of attendance having not missed a class this year!!  She is also famous for the line 'but... it's paleo so its good right??'



Grew up where:  I grew up in a little town called Macknade, on the outskirts of Ingham.


Age: You really shouldn’t ask a girl her age.. but if you really must know, 28 … ish


Occupation:  I am an Education Support Officer at Ryan Cath.

When did you first start training at CFTSV?:  It was way back in 2011


Favorite WOD:  Anything without Burpees, I love team and Partner wods.. Wooo hooo super Saturday Partner  wod


Least Favorite WOD: 5 x 500 rowing, 7 mins burpees


How did you first get exposed to CrossFit? Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?

I first started doing some PT’s with Brady over at fit solutions, he recommended that I come and give Crossfit a try.. So I turned up on a Saturday morning, it was a congo line wod, he put me into a team with Mel Hill.. I was the first athlete in the line.  What the hell did I get myself into.. Super excited that I finished the wod and was giving the time I finished as our team time.. even thought my Team hadn’t even finished.(rookie error)..


What session do you train at predominately?  At crazy o’clock (5am).. best session time at the box.. rep-pre-sent!!


What keeps you coming back to CrossFit Townsville? I love the unexpected of crossfit, it’s always different, even if  some of the WODs suck. I love the community and the social side of crossfit Townsville. I love meeting the newbies that are just starting out. I love the programming that stricko bro yok gives us.( he really is the best at what he does).. I love walking into crossfit at 4.40am and saying good morning, and getting a good morning back..  Even Bryce’s daily reply of what’s happening G..

I have always enjoyed exercise, whether it was a circuit class, a les mills aerobics class, a bit of pump, even a bit of booty, but you guys at CFTSV really are the best at what you do for us. For that, I thank you.


Please share with us any favorite CrossFit / CFTSV moments:  I remember when I was just a newbie, Oatsey, who I think was also a newbie, was explaining the hip thrusting exercise in the warm up, we had to use an empty bar, his choice of words and his actions were very amusing and entertaining.. and never forgotten..

I also enjoy Wadeos choice of music and dance moves. She really needs to do it more often..


Any advice for people just getting started? 

You just got to give it a go. You will not regret it.. So much Fun! Fun! Fun!


 Who is the funniest coach and can you give any examples of why??

I can’t pick the funniest, you all have your funny moments, I think you are all great.

But I think someone could write a book on the 101 funny things Jordan says.


 What are your favourite things to do on the weekend?

 Saturdays are busy the kids sport, Super Saturday CF, house work (but not too much). Cooking something different.

 Sunday- Go out for breaky, have a milkshake, relax in front on the telly.


Thanks for taking the time Gina to let us find out a little bit more about what goes on inside that crazy head of yours!




Mar 1 2015

Aimee's 15.1

15.1 is in the books for some of us.  Friday Night Lights was once again a great time with everyone coming together to cheer for their friends and fellow athletes.  I worked Friday, so heard about the WOD on my morning tea break when I called the box to find out what was happening!  Then straight from work to pick up the kids, drop the kids off and into the box where the Teens had already started their 15.1 hit out.  Then the craziness of the night set in and I realized I didn’t really have a plan for my workout.  12 months ago, I would have  not had an issue with this workout.  But life has changed and I am not as strong as I was.  I put my name down for heat 7, and kept about organising the paperwork and heats.  Before I know it, it’s time for me to warm up and I still don’t have a plan.  My best mate and favourite coach who always knows the best option for me is busy with the rest of the CFTSV family, keeping the heats running.  So, I headed for Hannah!  I am worried about the snatch weight but she reassures me I can do it.  Right.  So, I go to warm up, hit a few 35kg snatches and the doubt begins to creep in. Yes, I am capable of doing them, but after 5 (singles), my knees are hurting and I can feel my body moving to plan B to get that bar up (not good).  So I decide I am going to scale the workout.  But I can do toes to bar, and 25 kg seems a bit light for the deadlifts, so in a random brain explosion, I put 30kg on the bar.  I start off with the TTB and hit 10 in a row – the most I have ever strung together in rhythm.  Then get through the deadlift and snatch fairly comfortably.  But it is not great from there.  I screwed myself with those 10 TTB and only get out 3 rounds and 10 TTB.  I was happier with my clean and jerk, hitting 50kg after some great tips from my fantastic judge.  But, then I look at my score – I can’t compare with the scaled group, because I did heavier weight and TTB, but I can’t compare with the RX group because I scaled the weight.  What an idiot!  So now I can’t submit a score because I didn’t really do either workout!!  On Friday night I was thinking, I really want a decent workout, but don’t want to hurt myself trying to get that 35kg out.  But my ego got in the way of doing the simply scaled workout.  I wanted to be better than I am.  And where did that get me… well, it got me back in the box on Sunday afternoon doing the workout again.  This time I did the actual scaled version.  I gave it my all and managed to get a reasonable score of 7 rounds and 10 knee tucks.  And just quietly, those knee tucks were not easy.  My grip was failing and I was struggling to string 5 together towards the end.  I learned a valuable lesson in this craziness.  Firstly, I need to accept where I am now.  It may not be where I want to be or planned to be, but it is where I am.  I am not really a competitive person – but, I do like the satisfaction of feeling like I am capable of doing the RX workouts.  But after having a good think about it, I know the open isn’t going to get any easier after week one.  The scaled option is perfect for me.  I am still going to get a great workout, and just need to aim high with my scaled score.  And I am cool with that.  Next week, we may just have a quick break between heats so I can discuss a game plan with Dan so I don’t have to re-do any more workouts!!  I am really proud of so many people who got PB’s on the clean and jerk, who smashed themselves on the WOD (RX and Scaled and Teens versions) and came to support their friends.  You guys make us great.  Bring on (scaled) 15.2!!

Mar 1 2015

News and other stuff...

15.1 Wrap up

Wow.. What a start to Friday Night Lights and the 2015 CrossFit Open!  In the end we had 113 people register from CFTSV which is a new record for our box!!  It makes us very proud to know so many people want to be involved in this fantastic community event.

Around 70 people lined up for heats on Friday night and everything ran pretty smoothly.  The first half of the workout (15.1) was pretty straight forward but the second part (15.1a) which was a 1 rep max clean and jerk provided a few challenges for us to negotitate.  In the wind up though it was awesome to see people sharing plates and encouraging each other between lifts and it was a timely reminder for us not to take this event to seriously and rather celebrate what makes what we do for fitness and fun so unique.

PR's went down left, right and centre on the clean and jerk and it made for a sensational spectacle.  We are running the WOD again on Monday for those wanting to re-do or have their first crack and it will be fun to see what is in stall.



There is plenty going on again this week at CFTSV with our next block of Fundamentals kicking off on Tuesday night.  There are still places left if you know someone that may be interested in giving CrossFit a go.  Training days are Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm and Saturday at 8am and the course runs for 2 weeks.  Cost is $150 and all enquiries should go to [email protected].


Training consistency continues to be impressive with more people than ever making it to our bench mark of 15 or more sessions per month.  The Open is a little extra motivation for you to make sure you get to class to continue to work towards your goals.  Congrats to these guys though who sit atop the leaderboard for February:

Sarah Cochrane - 26 visits
Gina Searles - 24 visits
George Henderson - 24 visits
Sue Bucholtz - 24 visits
Marg Hautaniemi - 23 visits
Jacenta McCully - 23 vistis 


This year has seen a massive increase in the number of people doing extras after class.  We want to continue to encourage that and we will keep putting up daily extras on the whiteboard.  This month we are also going to introduce a monthly challenge which will vary from month to month between a conditioning piece or strength piece.  Attack it with everything you have and then post your scores to the far blackboard at the box.  The March Challenge is:

Complete as fast as possible - 

21-15-9 of:

Assault bike cals
Row cals
Ski cals


Happy birthday to all these people who celebrate birthdays this week:

Roz Vecchio
Rowan Blizzard
George Henderson
Amanda Govan
Leanne Ottaway


Mar 6 2015

Saturday: Tabata!

* A reminder to everyone competing at Friday Night Lights to make sure you sign in for a heat and then also sign in at the front desk.  Each competitor is also responsible for getting their own score sheet ready before they do the WOD.  This will keep things running smoothly all night.  Good luck!!


Complete a full Tabata cycle (8 x 20 sec on 10 sec off) of each of the following:

Row for cals
Sit ups
10m shuttle sprints
Push ups

* Keep an accumulative count and score as one total score for each movement.



Mar 5 2015

Friday: Banana skin..


A1. Bench Press 7-7-7
rest 90 seconds
A2. Box jump x 1-3
rest 90 seconds

* Progress your bench press weight along from last week.  We are shooting for some big hip opening on the box jump so build to a challenging but 'safe' height.


21-15-9 of:

Thruster 35/25kg
Burpee over the bar
SDLHP 35/25kg

Mar 4 2015

Thursday: Pull-up fest..

Mar 3 2015

Wednesday: Wicked Wednesday..

Mar 2 2015

Tuesday: Right back at ya..

Feb 28 2015

Monday: '15.1' - Not what was expected..

Feb 23 2015

Real Food and Fitness Final

Feb 22 2015

A massive week ahead!!

Feb 27 2015

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Feb 26 2015

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Feb 25 2015

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Feb 24 2015

Wednesday: EMOM 21

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Feb 21 2015

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Feb 18 2015


Feb 17 2015


Feb 14 2015

Saturday: Farewell Oats