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CrossFit WOD

Apr 30 2016

Monday: Labour Day Public Holiday



In teams of 3 - 

On a 15 minute time cap:

150 Row cals
75 Power snatch 40 / 25 kg
150 Wall balls

* Only one person working at a time.

At the 15 minute mark and on a 15 minute time cap:

Run 3 x 400m each

* Work 1:2 with your team of 3.


Apr 23 2016

----------Tropic Thunder Athlete Spotlight----------

Our 2nd female on the Tropic Thunder roster is Donna Fallon or the Fallonator! Donna has an incredible engine and mental ability to put herself into competition mode like no other. She hits the floor ready, but when she is done is smiling from ear to ear and cheering on her fellow competitors! She encompasses all that CFTSV stands for and we can't wait to see her and the team battle it out at the Pacific Regional!


Athlete: Donna Fallon

 Age: 27

Occupation: Physiotherapist (Paediatrics)

When did you first start training at CFTSV?

About 2-3years ago

How did you first get exposed to CrossFit?

Leezah kept talking about crossfit and bootcamps, WODS, muscle ups and handstand push-ups. She made it sound pretty good and roped me into 2 bootcamps first. The idea was to use bootcamps/crossfit twice/week in the swimming off season to help build strength whilst break-up the swimming to keep my interest in swimming.  About a year later I decided to try crossfit. I then stopped going to the pool but went to crossfit instead. The rest is history.

Take us back to your first WOD… What was it, and how did it feel?

Honestly I have no idea what the first WOD was though I do remember the first benchmark WOD I ever completed within the 'time cap' (Jackie).

I also remember trying to do Angie for the first time - not knowing how to 'kip' I did about 90 strict pull-ups (Dumb idea) and couldn't straighten my arms for 6days.

What training were you doing before you started CrossFit at CFTSV?

Swimming, swimming and sometimes swimming

What does a typical training week look like for you?

Ideally once/day WOD - consistency varies.

Do you follow a specific diet you follow?

The Donna Diet - eat chocolate daily.

How do you mentally prepare for training and competition?

For competitions, use visualisation wherever possible. Many years of swimming competitions has taught me how to get in the zone fast and stay there.

Please share with us any favourite CrossFit / CFTSV moments:

Too many!! Training with awesome people every day, team trips such as twins with Wadeo in Atherton, CFTSV Twins with Bayden, All Stars and Regionals last year.  First time joining comp squad and having Wadeo, Gibbsey, Mel and Jo Jo immediately welcome me in and make me put an extra 20kg on my bar. Anytime singing/dancing/lip syncing is involved this is also great.

Any advice for people just getting started or wanting to take their training to the next level?

Do it for the love of it. Work your weaknesses, not just your strengths.

Outside of CrossFit what are your other interests?

Playing with my nephews or puppy, sitting in the pool drinking wine and going out with friends.


Thank you for sharing Donski!!


Apr 29 2016

Saturday: Barbell Duet..


In teams of 2 - 

For time:

Run 800m
25 Snatch 70 / 50 kg
50 Clean and jerk 60 / 40 kg
75 Thrusters 50 / 30 kg
100 BB OH lunges 40 / 20 kg
Run 800m

Apr 28 2016

Friday: The evolution of man : )

* Note the photo and this should give us all hope as even 'The Bison' had to start somewhere : ) He has improved his back squat somewhat since then ; ) 


Back squat 3 x 8 reps @ approx. 65%

* Lift every 3 mins and hold across all 3 sets.


AMRAP in 15 mins of:

100m Farmers carry
15 MB slams
12 KB Box step ups
9 Strict pull-ups


At the 18 min mark -

Every 2 mins for 3 sets:

15 KB Bentover rows


Apr 27 2016

Thursday: Assault bike dance..


EMOM for 9 mins of:

Minute 1 - Forward rolls x 3
Minute 2 - Ring support x 15-30 seconds
Minute 3 - Strict T2B x 6-10 reps


5 rounds for time of:

20 / 15 Assault bike calories
25 Push ups
30 Sit ups


At the 24 minute mark - 

Every 2 mins for 3 sets:

10 Cuban plate lifts 5 / 2.5 kg

Apr 26 2016

Wednesday: Ball buster..

Apr 25 2016

Tuesday: Dirty crew!!

Apr 23 2016

Monday: Anzac Day - Lest we Forget

Apr 19 2016

--------- Tropic Thunder Athlete Spotlight ---------

Apr 22 2016

Saturday: Team Sychro Congo..

Apr 21 2016

Friday: 'Jackie'

Apr 20 2016

Thursday: 'Bring a Friend Day'

Apr 19 2016

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Apr 17 2016

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Apr 15 2016

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Apr 14 2016

Friday: Clean and jerk, Muscle up WOD

Apr 13 2016

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Apr 12 2016

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Apr 11 2016

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