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CrossFit WOD

Jan 15 2017

3/52 - Commitment, Focus and Tenacity

Training consistency has been bang on in the first couple of weeks of 2017 so well done to the many, many people getting to the box more than 5 times a week.  The challenge is to make this the standard beyond the month of January and right through the entire year.

There are going to be plenty of times this year that you won’t feel like getting up and pressing the snooze button and having a lie in will seem like a far better option.  Having the COMMITMENT to get up anyway or go to the box after a long day at work will build your resolve.  Having FOCUS at every session will help you continue to grow as an athlete and enable you to get out of your training exactly what you want.  And finally, having the TENACITY to attack every single WOD you do with everything you have will tie everything together and bring some incredible results.

All these things are fantastic and go a long way to you becoming a fit and strong human being but there is a a massively important piece of the puzzle we are missing if you are to truly reach your potential.. RECOVERY.

Recovery is everything you do outside of the gym.  Mobility, Hydration, Sleep, Nutrition.  These are all things you alone control and account for the majority of your time.  If you get to the gym 5 times in a week that amounts to around 5 hours of training.  That leaves another 163 hours for you to take one of two roads.. The first is to sabotage all your hard work by not getting at least 7 hours sleep, not spending time stretching and making bad choices with your nutrition.. The other route you can take is to have some COMMITMENT, show so some FOCUS and TENACITY and maximise what you do in the gym by making sure you are on top of all aspects of your recovery.

Problem is there is a lot of info out there and it isn’t necessarily what is going to work for you.  To help give you some direction with some of these things we have teamed up with James and the Australian Nutrition Centre gang to arm you guys with the tools you need to piece everything together and optimize your performance!

James has been kind enough to give up some time this Saturday 21st January to run a short info session on the importance of things like sleep, gut health and supplementation.  If you are interested in taking your performance to the next level then I think coming along to listen will definitely be worth your while. The info session will kick off at 8am and is free for all to attend.

Jan 20 2017

Saturday: Push rage..


In teams of 3 - 

AMRAP in 25 mins of:

100 Row calories
50 Shoulder to overhead 50 / 35 kg
Run 3 x 400m
50 Shoulder to overhead 60 / 40 kg
100 Row calories
50 Shoulder to overhead 70 / 45 kg
Run 3 x 400m
Max Shoulder to overhead 80 / 50 kg

Jan 19 2017

Friday: Getting in work..


Every 2 mins for 5 sets:

Hang squat clean x 2 reps

* Build each set up to a heavy 2 rep


AMRAP in 12 mins of:

7 Deadlift 102.5 / 70 kg
9 Toes to bar
16 Wall balls 20 / 14 lbs


At 17 mins - 

AMRAP 9 mins of:

Sled push : )

Jan 18 2017

Thursday: Quick bite..


Press 3 x 7 reps @ approx. 75-80% 

* Lift every 3 mins


12-9-6 of:

OH Squat 70 / 45 kg
Bar facing burpee
Chest to bar pull-up


AMRAP in 5 mins of:

Strict Handstand push-up ladder

* Begin at 1 and add a rep each set.  All sets must be unbroken and when a set is missed return to 1 and begin climbing again.

Jan 17 2017

Wednesday: Everybody shuttling..


5 rounds of:

AMRAP in 3 mins:

20 / 15 Calorie row
15 / 10 Calorie bike
Max 10m shuttle runs in remainder

* Rest 2 mins after each round and score is total shuttle runs.


At 27 mins - 

2 sets of:

1 min V-ups
1 min Hollow rocks
1 min Sit ups
1 min rest

* Score total reps

Jan 14 2017

Tuesday: Tri-time..

Jan 14 2017

Monday: Run-Burpee Cocktail..

Jan 8 2017

This week..

Jan 8 2017

2/52 - Be a Friendly Face..

Jan 13 2017

Saturday: Bar brawl..

Jan 12 2017

Friday: '16.3'

Jan 11 2017

Thursday: Jump start..

Jan 10 2017

Wednesday: Nose to the grindstone..

Jan 9 2017

Tuesday: CrossFit Total..