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CrossFit WOD

Jul 31 2014

Paleo Cafe Whole 30

Our friends at Paleo Cafe Townsville City are running a Whole 30 Challenge.  Starting on Tuesday the 5th of August, they are preparing your meals for you!!  As a gym a few of us did the Whole 30 a couple of years ago, and I can vouch for the fact it is an amazing way to reset your poor eating habits.  Here are the details from the Paleo Cafe Team...

What you need to know:

The Whole30 Challenge will commence on Tuesday August 5, 2014. To register, you must attend in store and place your order and pay your deposit ($90) by Sunday 3 August.

The price of the challenge will be $174.00 per week plus any additional meat that you choose to add to the salads (see attached menu).

Chicken, prawns or beef are able to be added to the salads on the menu at additional cost (to be confirmed when ordered).

A deposit of $90.00 will need to be paid at the time of booking the challenge. Each week thereafter, you will need to pay for your meals when you collect them on a Tuesday afternoon. That is, you will pay week by week for the meals prior to collecting them in store ($174 + cost of meats if applicable). We are unable to deliver the meals to you. On the final week, you will pay for your weekly meals (plus meats), less the deposit paid at the start of the challenge.

Meals are to be collected bi-weekly (Tuesday and Friday after 4.30pm) to ensure freshness.

On the menu attached, meals marked with an (F) are freezer friendly, so you can freeze them for keeping longer.

Whilst we are able to amend the food items slightly, large and significant changes to the menu cannot be catered for. Should you wish to discuss changes to the menu items, please contact Tara or Jackie.

Be sure to check our Tara's interview on TheGo Townsville for some more tidbits of information in relation to the Whole30 Challenge, and how we can help you achieve success! It's tough, but so worth it!


Members of the Paleo Café Team will be on the challenge right alongside you, and will be supporting you via our Facebook page. Join the community here:


This is a fantastic way to experience your first Whole 30 - you will have the support of a whole crew and someone preparing most of your meals!!!  If you are after more information about the Whole 30, have a look at www.whole9life.com for more information and explanations.  Or, grab one of our coaches who has done the challenge, they may be able to answer any questions!

Jul 27 2014

Day 9: Team work!

Moving into Saturday we were in 18th position and while we were very proud of what had been achieved so far we were by no means content with that and went about Saturday's competition focused on keeping that top 20 position and climbing the leaderboard further still.  Saturday was all about team and communication as much as physical capacity and the WOD's were designed to test this.  Up first was the triples chipper and the Tropic Thunder boys were in heat 2.  This was a workout our boys knew they could do well in and they started great by rotating the 50 Medball cleans like clockwork one for one.  This was a strategy a lot of teams didn't bother with and while it was a little bit slower it still had our boys finish not too far off the lead but far more importantly had them fresher for the 50 muscle ups that were next.  We smoked through those in good time and made some great ground up on the field and were in with a chance to top 3 the heat with a good showing on the 100 handstand pushups.  Jordan was sensational on these with a couple of unbroken sets of 20 at amazing speed and Nick and Bryce finished the job to give us a 3rd in the heat and 9th overall for the WOD.

It was the girls turn next and they destroyed the Medball cleans moving to the muscle ups first.  We knew the muscle ups would be tough for us but the girls were terrific in plodding away and they gave themselves enough time to punch out as many handstand pushups as possible in the time left.  

Following that WOD the teams were back out into the southern Californian sunshine for the worm squat-burpee workout.  Team communication was massive in this one with all squats and burpees to be performed in unison.  It took our guys a little bit to find their mojo on this one with an especially picky judge but they adapted and snuck in on the time cap.  It wasn't our best result but we made up for it on the last workout with an awesome performance in the worm shuttle relay.  We took 15th in that one after all our guys and girls sprinted like champs and gave us an overall position of 18th (still).  We move into tomorrows workouts ready to give it one more shake and we hope you will be watching Thundernation!!

Jul 26 2014

Day 7/8: The Big Show

Sorry about the no show on the blog yesterday guys but the internet went down at the hotel so I had no luck getting online.  Thursday was a pretty low key day but the team did spend a heap of time with the WOD co-ordinators getting some idea of how Friday would go down.  We also did some damage at the Reebok store (or Reebok world as I like to call it) in the vendor village but after that it was a chilled afternoon before an early start Friday.

The alarms went off early Friday morning and it was straight to breakfast to load up for what was going to be a huge day.  The team was required for a 7.30am brief at the athletes village so we headed off down the 405 to Carson nice early to make sure we weren't going to be held up.  After that it was a waiting game until the gang made their way out to the front of the Stub Hub Centre for the 6 mile relay.  Nick and JP were off first with each pairing required to carry a 2 foot piece of rope between them and pass on to their team mates.  The start was chaotic with 45 pairs of male athletes all jostling for dominance.  This took its toll on a lot of teams as they came around on the first lap but our boys paced an awesome race (thank Coach Simon.. again!!) and brought it in around 15th.  It was Wadeo and Mel's turn next and this was our crucial leg, with the girls absolutely sensational in their pacing by negative splitting their second lap and holding place.  Gibbsy and Bryce did the rest with Brycey feeling the pinch the back end but we finished an awesome 21st position.   It was incredibly hot and a lot of athletes were in a bad way after laying it on the line.  The job was to recover well and get ready to Fran it up.  

The Frantasy land workout was a very unique piece with the teams having to push Big Bob and stop for thrusters and pull-ups throughout.  We had a plan but after watching what was happening to teams in the previous heats (a massive advantage of being in that last heat) we made an adjustment to move Jordan to Fran and Bryce to bar muscle up Fran as we were going to struggle to get that far and JP had the slightly better Fran time.  The plan worked well and we got super deep into a workout only a handful of teams actually were able to finish.  The next task was to push Big Bob back down the field and this was an alimighty struggle for all teams on deck with only 1 team in the field finishing in the time cap.  Our guys were close but this was a tough one for us with our team giving considerable weight advantage to just about every team at the Games.

There was a short gap again as the early heats came out to hit some deads.  There were some ridiculous loads shifted here and that was just the girls...  A notable mention to a girl from Invictus who deadlifted 445 pounds.  To put that into perspective only Bryce, Nick and a couple of others have a bigger deadlift at our gym!!  The Thunder came out and JP went straight to his weight and did what he had to.  Nick and Brycey then went to work with Nick getting 455 up and Brycey getting a massive 515!!  The girls turn next with Mel getting a PR with a lift of 300 pounds followed by an awesome lift by Wadeo at 315 pounds and then finally Gibbsy with 325 pounds (after a month of not deadlifting!!)  The team had one minute to reset themselve before pushing Big Bob yet again but this time 200 yards!!  The team yet again put some new strategy into play and decided on much shorter bursts on the sled this time as opposed to an all out effort and then try to hang on like in the Big Bob 100.  This strategy worked an absolute treat and as a coach I could not have been prouder of the team as they just chipped away at the job and then with a little under 13 seconds left before cut off they got that big bastard into the end zone!!  Now when I say that our team is easily one of the smaller teams here I am not kidding around and you have to be here to see what I am talking about, but what they lack in size they make up in heart and an ability to just CrossFit.  12 teams in a field of 45 finished the Big Bob 200 and we were one of them!!

Today was a magic day and the day that CrossFit Townsville Tropic Thunder stamped itself as a true mover and shaker in the world of competitive CrossFit.

Tomorrow the guys will be doing some Med ball cleans, muscle ups and handstand pushups at around 2am AEST followed by some fun on the worm at around 4am AEST.  Sleep when you are dead I say.. Go Thunder!!

Jul 24 2014

Day 6: A day at the beach..

Well it's official we are the 7th best team in the world at dragging a rescue board 1000 yards!!  Yep, the first WOD is in the books and the team took an incredible top 10 finish (the highest in any WOD for a Tropic Thunder team at the World Games) and for at least one day we are the 7th fittest affiliate in the world!

The day was an early start with compulsory check in at the Games hotel at 7am.  There was a lot of waiting around until the team was finally shuttled down to beautiful Hermosa Beach where there would be some more waiting around while the individuals completed their first WOD for the Games.  The pier at Hermosa was packed with fellow CrossFitters basically lining either edge all the way to the end of the pier.  The males were up first and were followed by the females where there were some amazing performances from both groups.  Once the female time cap had finished it was time for Heat 1 and time for Tropic Thunder to shine.  The brief from Dave Castro was, well brief, with no real details on time cap or specific rules once in the water.  The only real instructions the teams got was if you stop you will be disqualified from the Games.  This left some of the European CrossFitters nervous but our crew were all confident of a pretty good showing.  The horn went off and it was absolute carnage as 15 teams scrambled for best position into the water.  The first leg was 250 yards and all teams flew through it.  Norcal CrossFit came out first and wouldn't you know it plucky little Tropic Thunder came out second.  I nearly wee'd myself at this point but I also knew the second part, 500 yard leg was going to be critical.  The gap on us quickly closed and two other teams went past us to sit in 4th.  Just about at the pier the crew seemed to relax and get rythmn and began to make their move and snuck back past both teams and held second out of the beach heading into the last leg.  A lot of fatigue had set in but as we hit the beach on that last leg, and headed toward the finish line, we were a shade in front of CrossFit Ballantyne.  The sprint was on for second in the heat but CF Ballantyne just had a little bit more in the tank but our crew had done themselves and all their supporters proud in taking 3rd in the heat!  A nice light moment after the finish saw the crew get a photo with Jason Khalipa.  Brycey who was still WOD drunk tried his best to cut everyone out of the photo so it was just him and Jason and then bailed him up afterwards as he tried to congratulate his own team that had actually won the heat. See photo attached.  Tomorrow is a rest day but the team will head out to the Stub Hub Centre for breifing and some practice with some of the toys they will be playing with on Friday.  Catch you all then..

Jul 23 2014

Day 5: My boi got swag..

Christmas came to the team today and by now most of you guys would of seen the copious amounts of gear they were issued upon registration.  Jordan was literally out of his tree with excitement and has packed, unpacked and then re-packed his bag around 7 times.  For the record each member of the team was given 6 pairs of shoes, 9 pairs of socks, 7 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of compression pants, 1 set of calf compressions......... (sorry just taking a break from typing) 5 shirts, 8 crop tops for the girls (optional for the boys), 4 pairs of arm compressions, 2 piece swim suit for the girls, 1 wrist sweat band, 1 pair of track pants, 1 light hoodie, 5 headbands, 1 hat, 1 set of googles, 1 towel, a Rogue CrossFit bottle opener and a big freakin bag to fit it all in.  The girls calculated the value of kit at around $2 700!!!  Once rego was completed the team was back on free time for a few hours before heading to the Marriott Hotel for the official launch and a heads up about tomorrow mornings WOD at the beach.  Full credit to CrossFit as they laid it on for all the athletes both team and individual, for what was quite the soiree.  An all you can eat buffet style BBQ was my personal highlight but that was until Mr Castro walked on stage and gave his brief to the team athletes about the coming days.  The beach WOD announced will see the team swim together with a very large rescue board about 920m.  This will be the ultimate test of team cohesion and one I know our girls and boys will aim up for.  There was also a very interesting spin on the Frantasy land workout that has the team pushing our old friend Big Bob up the field and stopping intermittently to do each Fran workout.  This brought a few old war wounds back for our veterans Mel, Wadeo and Brycey who got to play with Big Bob in 2012.  Wadeo's quote "that was the worst f%$#@ing workout in my life" had our Games rookies a little nervous but again the team took the announcement in their stride and are more focused on tomorrow's job at the beach.  Stay tuned for tomorrows installment after WOD 1 at the CrossFit Games.  Go the Thunder!!!

Jul 22 2014

Day 4: Training Day

Jul 21 2014

Day 3: Surfs up..

Jul 20 2014

Day 2: The team unites!

Jul 19 2014

Day 1: Flying Long Haul

Jul 18 2014

Tropic Thunder - Parting words, from Wadeo

Aug 1 2014

Saturday: Twin time again..

Jul 31 2014

Friday: Just like the other day..

Jul 30 2014

Thursday: Power testing

Jul 29 2014

Wednesday: 'The Volcano'

Jul 28 2014

Tuesday: 1 mile or 2k..

Jul 16 2014

Monday: Time for the truth...

Jul 25 2014

Saturday: Tropic Thunder at the Games!

Jul 24 2014

Friday: Resistance is futile

Jul 23 2014

Thursday: Big Squats

Jul 22 2014

Wednesday: AMRAP Triple Row