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CrossFit WOD

Sep 3 2015

Saturday: Classic Hero

Today we pay homage to U.S Navy Seal Lt. Michael Murphy whose bravery and self sacrficie has been honoured in the movie "Lone Survivor" and also in this fantastic workout.  'Murph' has become a marquee CrossFit hero WOD with just about any experienced CrossFitter being put through this workout.  This year we even got to see it at the CrossFit Games where athletes were subjected to oppressive conditions in dealing with this great grinding WOD.  

Like I said everyone has a Murph story so I am going to share mine from couple of years ago when myself and Rob went to San Diego and participated in a Navy Seal Boot Camp called 'Kokoro'.  We had been put through our paces on the first day of the camp down at the beach which included filling up back packs with copious amounts of sand and doing sprints.  That 'evolution', as the coaches called each block of training, lasted about 4 hours and on getting back to base camp we were told to get into gym clothes and present at the gym in 10 minutes. So after popping a couple of Ibuprofen, getting a drink and smacking down a protein bar we readied ourselves for our next orders.  The man in charge, former Navy Seal (as all the guys are that take the course) Dan Cerrillo did a ceremonious speech on what we would be doing next which started with the words 'Lieutenant Michael Murphy was the officer-in-charge of a four man Seal.....'.  I instantly had goose bumps and it reminded me of what we were about to go through was insignificant compared to what Murph gave up.  Anyway it turns out the ridiculously heavy back pack that they didn't want us to empty down at the beach would serve as our body armour (Murph is prescribed with a 20lb vest) and make sure we got to experience this workout properly.  Now I am not kidding when I say that I reckon my pack was at least 20kg. You see being a little bit taller in stature than the other participants seemed to paint a big red target on my back so not only was my back pack off the charts heavy, I was also told on several occasions by the coaches how nice my ass was and they also seemed to like the nickname Mr.CrossFit for me as I made the rookie error of wearing a CrossFit shirt during the workout.  Anyway, long story short and 1 hour and 14 minutes later I finished my second mile run with a chest full of pride knowing that I had in a small way contributed to the 'Murph' legacy.

Remember pain is temporary......


For time:

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 squats
1 mile run

* Partition the reps as needed and if you have a vest or body armour wear it.

There will be an option to complete this WOD in pairs or 3's if need be but this is one workout we like to see people to really challenge their limits on.

Great footage of our Kokoro Camp I have posted before but always gives me a few goose bumps...

Sep 3 2015

Friday: Bust a move..


A1. Press 6 x 4 @ 80%
A2. Wtd Strict pull-up x 4 (same weight as last week)

* Alternate movements every 90 seconds


15-12-9 of:

Power clean 80 / 55 kg
Shoulder to overhead 80 / 55 kg

rest 1 minute then

Row 750m

* The expectation here is that you are able to link fast singles of the Power clean together then multiples of the shoulder to overhead so choose your load carefully.



10 - 20 Wall balls

Sep 2 2015

Thursday: Chipper..


A1. Deadlift 6 x 4 @ 80%
A2. Strict HSPU practice or Wall walks

* Alternate movements every 90 seconds


AMRAP in 12 mins of:

60 KB SDLHP 24 / 16 kg
50 Sit ups
400m run
30 CTB pull-ups



Toes to bar (you choose the reps but be consistent)

Sep 1 2015

Wednesday: 'Hanging Randy'


In 10 mins build to a heavy 2 rep Power snatch


'Hanging Randy'

For time:

75 Hang Power snatches 35 / 25 kg

* Every time the barbell is put on the ground do 15 Wallballs. 


With a partner perform 3 sets of 30 reps:

MB side throws


Aug 31 2015

Tuesday: Run and skip..


Every 2 mins for a total of 5 sets - 

Bench press x 3 reps


Every 2 mins for a total of 10 sets - 

Run 200m
30 Double unders

* Run hard on every effort!!  Score fastest and slowest run times.


AMRAP in 5 mins:

Ring dips

Aug 29 2015

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