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CrossFit WOD

Sep 2 2014

Wednesday: Legs like a new born foal..


For 15 minutes:

A1. Back Squat x 4-6 reps
rest 1 min
A2. Nordic Drops x 7 reps
rest 1 min
A3. MB sit up and throw x 15 reps
rest 1 min


For time:

MB Squat clean
Run 100m
Wall ball
Run 100m

* 15 minute time cap

Sep 1 2014

Tuesday: A Froning classic in reverse!


For time:

1000m row
100 Push press 35/25kg
10 Muscle ups


2 rounds of:

500m row
50 Push press
2 Dips + 2 Pull-ups x 5

* 15 minute time cap


Run 10 x 1 minute hill repeats - walk back easy recovery

* Find a steady incline that you can keep a consistent pace on.

Aug 31 2014

Monday: A pinch and a punch..


For 15 minutes:

A1. BB Step up x 6/leg
rest 1 min
A2. Strict Pull-up x max reps
rest 1 min
A3. Plank x 45 seconds
rest 1 min


4 rounds for time of:

15 Deadlifts 80/60kg
15 Burpees


This week is a deload week in the strength project so follow the percentages even though you will find them very comfortable.  It's a great chance for a break both mentally and physically from heavy lifting and evaluate how far you have come with your strength since we initially tested back in June.  We reset the following week and move straight into a second round of our Wendler cycle where you will add 2.5kg to your Press training max and 5kg to your Deadlift and Back Squat training max.  So follow the plan this week and get ready to amp it up again next week.


5 reps @ 40% - rest 2 mins
5 reps @ 50% - rest 2 mins
5 reps @ 60%

Aug 27 2014

Come and Try Day - This Saturday

This Saturday 30th August we are running a "Come and Try" session for anyone curious about CrossFit and looking to perhaps jump into the next Fundamentals course.  The session is a great chance to meet some of our coaches, get familiar with our facility and see if CrossFit is for you.  There is no cost and for anyone that participates and decides they would like to sign up for our next Fundamentals course, which begins Tuesday 2nd September, we are going to offer a reduced rate of $200 instead of our normal $295.  

Sign up by emailing Steve (steve@crossfittownsville.com.au).

CFTSV regulars let your friends know and for anyone you tip into the program (that actually signs up) we will comp you a free week!!

Aug 29 2014

Saturday: Mash up fun


On a continuously running clock complete:

0:00 - 200 Double unders
5:00 - 50 Burpees
10:00 - 50 KB swings
15:00 - 50 Box jump overs
20:00 - 50 Wall balls
25:00 - Run 800m

* The goal is to complete each work piece as fast as possible and rest the remainder of time designated to that task.  If you don't complete a task before the clock runs out move directly onto the next task.

Aug 28 2014

Friday: Darn Bear crawls

Aug 27 2014

Thursday: Power play

Aug 26 2014

Wednesday: Partner rowing Fran - ish..

Aug 25 2014

Tuesday: Spicy finish..

Aug 24 2014

Monday: Fire up your week!

Aug 22 2014

Saturday: Time to team up

Aug 21 2014

Friday: Twice the fun..

Aug 20 2014

Thursday: Be awesome..

Aug 19 2014

Wednesday: Tabata Torso!!

Aug 18 2014

Tuesday: This one will get ya in the end..

Aug 14 2014

Monday: Never too old!

Aug 8 2014

Same but different..

Aug 15 2014

Saturday: Chipper

Aug 9 2014

Monday: Be on time..

Aug 14 2014

Friday: Snakes and ladders