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CrossFit WOD

Dec 5 2016

Tuesday: Ladder time..


Back squat 3,3,2,2,1,1

* Lift every 3 mins and build to a heavy 1 rep.


AMRAP ladder in 7 mins of:

3 Power snatch 35 / 25 kg
3 Toes to bar
6 Power snatch 35 / 25 kg
6 Toes to bar


At 10 mins - 

Every 90 seconds for 9 mins:

4-8 Muscle ups

* Choose your reps

Dec 4 2016

Monday: Out and back..


Working with a partner 1:1 - 

At 0:00 - 

Run 200m 
Run 400m
Run 800m

At 14:00 - 

Run 150m
Run 300m
Run 600m

At 25:00 -

Run 100m
Run 200m
Run 400m

* Score the time each block takes you and your partner.  Use a strong 400m time as base for all pacing and aim for first run to be 3-5 sec quicker, second run at 400m pace, third run at 5-7 sec slower than 400m pace.  E.g. my quick but comfortable 400m time is 1.20 - my first runs should be at 1.15-17 pace, second runs at 1.20 pace and third runs at 1.25-27 pace


At 34:00 - 

3 x 1 minute on - 1 minute off of:

25 Hollow rocks then hold Hollow position for remainder of minute.  Rest alternate minute.

Nov 30 2016

--------------- ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT NOVEMBER ----------------

The CFTSV Athlete Spotlight each month, gives us a glimpse into the lives of others members in our incredible community.

This month we are not only shining the spotlight, but also paying tribute to one of longest standing members of the CFTSV family. She is undoubtedly one of the most humble athletes, who has waved the CFTSV flag at both regional and world level in the past 9 years.  Any of her workout partners know that if you team with her you will get the best workout of your life and she will work beside you making you push just a little harder!  By now we're sure you know who we are talking about...  Alahna Marshell or AKA Gibbs or Gibbsy!

It is with a heavy heart that we farewell Gibbs and husband Dom at the end of the year as they are relocating to Sydney.

We hope you Enjoy!

Athlete: Alahna Marshall (AKA Gibbsy)
Grew up where: Bundy
Age: 31
Occupation: Teacher
What session do you train at predominately? 6am

When did you first start training at CFTSV?:
The very first day I moved to Townsville in January 2007, a friend encouraged me to come along to one of Stricko’s infamous Wednesday night running sessions. Stricko has been my trainer ever since that day.

A few years into training with Fit Solutions, some of our circuit session regulars started converting to this ‘Crossfit’ thing. I can still remember Brett rocking up to one of our boot camp sessions at Riverway in his Vibrams and thinking ‘if this is what these CrossFitters train in, I’m out’. For some time I refused to even give Crossfit a shot, I wasn’t into lifting weights and nor did I want to. After about 6 months Stricko finally got me to a session at the old Fit Solutions building. I think you can guess how the story goes from there.

Favourite WOD:
Anything that suits us taller folk with wall balls and box jumps being a favourite. Anything that requires you to throw around a bit of weight I also loved, however, this hasn’t really been an option as of late.

Least Favourite WOD:
When it comes to training, I can’t say there’s a WOD I really don’t like. When it’s stuff I’m good at, I enjoy it because I get to go hard. When it’s something I suck at, I enjoy practicing and learning to suck a bit less.

Take us back to your first WOD… what was it, and how did it feel?
The only thing I can remember about the first Crossfit session I completed was that we did 1RM deadlifts. I can remember getting the weight off the ground and feeling that slight adrenaline rush we all get when we achieve something we didn’t think we’d be able to. I was hooked.

Any advice for people just getting started?
Baydo really likes people rubbing their hands in chalk then making prints on the back of his shirt. Wadeo thinks she’s really funny. Lil is really funny. Jordan’s stories are the best but he can’t eat cheese. Brycey tells everyone he actually likes running, but I think he’s lying. Stricko will scare you, but you’ll be better for it. The people in this community will have your back, both in and out of the box. This is more than a gym, it’s a family!

Please share with us any favourite CrossFit / CFTSV moments:
So many of my favourite memories from the last ten years in Townsville have revolved around Crossfit Townsville. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to compete with Tropic Thunder at several Australian regionals and in L.A. at the Crossfit Games. Even when I competed in Europe in 2012, I always felt the presence and support of Stricko, Brett and the rest of the CFTSV community. Out of all of these events there isn’t really one specific favourite moment, but I can tell you the best part of every competition has been when ‘Thunderstruck’ has come booming over the sound system as we step up for our final workout. I don’t know how, but every time Strick or Rob managed to make this happen. I know, that whenever I hear this song, no matter where I am, I will remember CFTSV and the people who make this community what it is.

A little bit extra…
I know I’ve said a lot already, but I can’t pass up this opportunity to thank a few people. Aimee, thank you for everything you have done so we have had the opportunity compete in Townsville, at Wollongong and overseas. I have no doubt that without your organisation and willing effort, this would not have been possible. Thank you to my team mates and the people I train with every day. It is you who gets me out of bed early every morning, gets me to the gym for extra comp sessions and make me want to be there. Thank you to the trainers at CFTSV. Your knowledge and coaching capacity is without a doubt amongst the best in the country. Anyone who has travelled to another box is able to truly appreciate the expertise in what you do. And finally, to Stricko. You are the best trainer I have ever had, and undoubtedly ever will have. I never push myself as hard as when you’re standing in front of me. I know I would never have achieved what I have without your encouragement, knowledge and sometimes those quiet little comments that you know will piss me off enough to make me push harder. You have been an incredible coach, mentor and friend, and I thank you.

Thank you Gibbsy for letting us get to know you a little better.  You will be missed by everyone at CFTSV.  We wish you all the best on your new adventure. 

Dec 1 2016

Friday: '16.4'

Reminder to all there are no classes tomorrow with the running of the Inaugural CFTSV Class Wars! 

Which class will be top dog for 2016??


Every 2 mins for 7 sets:

1 Clean and jerk

* Build to a heavy 1 rep



AMRAP in 13 minutes of:

55 Deadlifts 102.5 / 70 kg
55 Wall balls
55 Row calories
55 Handstand push-ups (Open standard)


At 17 mins - 

3 rounds working 1:1 with a partner of:

200m Farmers carry

Nov 30 2016

Thursday: Dynamite..


EMOM 9 of:

Min 1 - Strict CTB pull-up x 3-6 reps
Min 2 - Hollow rock x 10-20 reps
Min 3 - Single leg bound x 5 / leg


Every 3 mins for 5 sets:

5 Back squats @ approx. 75-80%
10 T2B
15 second Assault bike sprint

* Assault bike effort is all out!


At 20 mins - 

Tabata sit-up

* score is total reps


Nov 29 2016

Wednesday: The power of 10..

Nov 28 2016

Tuesday: 'Arduous'

Nov 27 2016

Monday: Helen training..

Nov 19 2016

A few things....

Nov 25 2016

Saturday: Bump on..

Nov 24 2016

Friday: Open repeat..

Nov 23 2016

Thursday: Static strength..

Nov 22 2016

Wednesday: Short couplets..

Nov 21 2016

Tuesday: Front squat EMOM