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CrossFit WOD

Aug 2 2015

20 visit club for July

Congratulations to all these folks for their excellent consistency in the month of July.  The club is bigger than ever with quite a few names turning up every month and it is little wonder they are the ones that continue to improve.  However, it is a host of new names to make their way into the club that is pleasing to see but the challenge is to back it up in August - "One hot day doesn't make a summer" 


Emma Gillespie 27
Sue Bucholtz 27
Dane Carter 26
Marg Hautaniemi 26
Katie Dymock 26
Jamie Flemett 25
George Henderson 25
Gina Searles 25
Jacenta McCully 25
Andrew Welsh 24
Alahna Marshall 24
Luke Jeffrey 24
Bec Watson-Brown 23
Nicole Quartero 23
John Windridge 23
Jason Hautaniemi 23
Damien Kelly 23
Michelle Flemett 23
Casey Rule 22
Damo Searles 21
Samara McNeill 21
Christine Rice 21
Dexter Rubio 21
Sheree Smith 21
YJ Or 21
Hayley Prien 20

* Motivational Monday video attached!!

Aug 5 2015

Thursday: Allstars this weekend!

We are now just a couple of days away from the 2015 Townsville Allstars Event and you have your last chance to put the finishing touches on your preparations.

Reminder there is no Friday night class and just a 6am on Saturday morning this week.


In 10 mins build to a heavy Snatch


EMOM for 5 mins:

2 Snatches @ approx. 90-95% of Part 1.


3 rounds of:

15 Calorie row
15 Shoulder to overhead 50 / 30 kg
15 Deadlift 80 / 50 kg
Max unbroken effort of T2B.

* Be careful not to rip this close to the weekend so stay in your comfort zone on the T2B.


Aug 4 2015

Wednesday: Mix and match..


In 10 mins build to a heavy Power clean


EMOM for 5 mins:

5 Power cleans @ approx. 85% of Part 1.


In teams of 3 -

For time:

50 Double unders (each)
20 Thrusters 40 / 35 kg (each)
40 Double unders (each)
15 Thrusters 60 / 45 kg (each)
30 Double unders (each)
10 Thrusters 80 / 55 kg (each)

* Thruster sets must be completed in full by each athlete before next team member tags in.

Aug 3 2015

Tuesday: Repeat run WOD..

Our Tuesday running ritual continues this week but with a repeat of a WOD we ran a couple of months back.  The effort on this day from all classes was top notch and I expect no different this time in and it will have to be because we are taking a couple of minutes off the time cap as well ; )


Working in pairs 1:1 - 

3 rounds for total time of:

Run 100m
Run 200m
Run 400m

* Time cap 18 mins

At the 22 mins - 

In teams of 2 - 

5 rounds for total time:

20 Burpees over the bar (10 each)

* Rest 1 min after each completed round

At the 32 mins - 

Practice Bar muscle-ups, CTB pull-ups, Pull-ups, Strict band assisted pull-ups

* Time cap 6 mins


Aug 2 2015

Monday: Big week ahead..

This week we will be putting the finishing touches on Allstars preparations so expect to get some more practice at the WOD's or elements of the WOD's.  We had one of the busiest weeks of the year last week with several classes topping the 40 mark which is a fair indication that people are pumped for this weekend!!  The atmosphere at those classes was outstanding and it was great to see people working together if gear needed to be shared.  

Thursday was our 'Bring a Friend Day' and the feedback we received was very positive with many people lining up for the next Fundamentals block due to start Tuesday 4th August.  Our next 'Bring a Friend Day' won't be until September so listen out for those details when the date gets closer.

Just on our Fundamentals block and a reminder that these guys will be in the gym Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for the next 2 weeks so be sure to say hi and help them feel welcome.

With the Allstars Event taking place next Saturday and Sunday we are making a couple of changes to our schedule later in the week.  There will be no Friday afternoon class as the coaches will be busy helping getting the scene set at Ryan School, and on Saturday we are going to run a 6am class only.

I am looking for some volunteers not competing but keen to lend a hand at the event next weekend.  Speak to Dan or email [email protected] if you would like to be a part of my elite unit that will be running the floor all weekend : )

A reminder that tickets are available for the CrossFit Townsville Social on August 22 at The Courtyard in City Lane.  The Social is a small fundraiser for our Wellington Cup Team and is a chance for people to get together and mingle outside the confines of the box and raise a few bucks for our team off to NZ the following week.  Cost is $50 and includes canapes and drinks on arrival.  Tickets can be purchased at the front desk so make sure you get yours!!


In 10 mins build to a heavy of the complex:

1 Hang clean + 1 Front squat + 1 Jerk


EMOM for 5 mins:

1 rep at your heaviest complex in Part 1.


2 rounds for max reps of:

1 min DB snatch
1 min Box jump overs 24 / 20 "
1 min Wall balls 20 / 14 lbs
1 min Front rack alternating lunge 50 / 30 kg

* Rest 4 mins between rounds

The aim here will be to get as close to 30 reps at each station as possible, simulating Event 2 of the Allstars.

Jul 31 2015

Saturday: Team Thrusters!!

Jul 28 2015

Friday: Flat to the floor..

Jul 29 2015

Thursday: Bring a Friend Day!!

Jul 24 2015

Wednesday: Power up..

Jul 27 2015

Tuesday: Clean complex..

Jul 26 2015

Monday: Practice week..

Jul 24 2015

Saturday: Team Chipper..

Jul 23 2015

Friday: Skills kill..

Jul 22 2015

Thursday: Rocket fuel..

Jul 21 2015

Wednesday: Short AMRAP's..

Jul 20 2015

Tuesday: Engine Test

Jul 19 2015

Monday: Fun day..

Jul 17 2015

Saturday: Team Lumberjack

Jul 16 2015

Friday: Triumphant..

Jul 15 2015

Thursday: Will you be there..