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CrossFit WOD

Jun 25 2017

Monday: Toe jam..


3 rounds of -

AMRAP in 6 mins:

300m run
30 / 20 Calorie row
150m run
15 / 10 Calorie bike
Max burpees in remainder of time

* Rest 3 mins after each round


At 32 mins - 

Every 30 seconds for 10 sets:


* Choose a number you can hold on all sets with a goal to beat total volume from 2 weeks ago.

Jun 22 2017

Spartan bound!!

Good luck to all those folks tackling the Spartan race this weekend!!  I am super proud of the number of people having a crack at the Beast event which is a half marathon with a truck load of obstacles.  All the best to everyone, look out for one another and we will see you out on the course this Saturday.

Classes will run as normal on Saturday morning at 6am and 7am with Jordan and Lily steering the ship.

Jun 18 2017

Blog 15 - Heaps on..

It might be getting a little chilly in the box but things our calendar is well and truly heating up with a jam packed next month.


The long awaited debut of Spartan Race Townsville is next Saturday June 24th.  There has been a dedicated crew preparing for this event for the last few months and I am very proud to see that CFTSV will be represented strongly in this awesome event for Townsville.  One person whose progress we have been watching closely is our CFTSV Chosen One Sharon Dallman.  Shaz has been working very hard with her coach Baydo over the last few months and will be tackling the 21km event with Baydo and Brycey and anyone else keen to run as support.  Jump on the Spartan website to register and remember ‘Express your Fitness’.


Our 8th annual Tropic Thunder Games Day will go ahead on July 15th.  This is a great opportunity for couples and friends to get together and test their fitness.  It has traditionally been a mixed pairs event but we are taking male-male pairs and female-female pairs although these pairs will not be eligible to win the title.  Our goal is for an all inclusive day of workouts with an Intermediate and Advanced division.  The expectation is that if you were able to do this years CrossFit Open Rxd then the Advanced competition should be your target.  Likewise, the intermediate workouts have been written to suit those that participated in the Open at the scaled level. 

Places are limited so get your teams together and register at stickytickets.com.au and search for Tropic Thunder Twins 2017.  If you are keen to participate but don’t have a partner, see Emma at the front desk and she will get you sorted!


Following the fun of the Twins we will be holding our annual CFTSV Social night.  This has been a regular on our calendar for the last few years and has been a sensational night.  This year Kymbo at Born Wild has been kind enough to host the night with the event to double as a fundraiser for Llew who will be heading off to the CrossFit Games at the end of July.  Tickets are $50 and can be purchased at the front desk.  The evening will kick off at 6pm and will include food and a drink on arrival.  Get behind this event and opportunity to mingle with our great community.


We hosting another CrossFit Level One seminar on the weekend of July 22-23.  There is no better way to get an understanding of the CrossFit methodology than this excellent course and I encourage people to register.  Just a side note for people that we have nothing to do with the running of this course other than being the host.  All enquiries should go to the CrossFit mainsite where you can also find the relevant link to register.

Jun 23 2017

Saturday: Team Deadlift Ladder..


In teams of 3 - 

3 rounds for time of:

75 Deadlifts
1k Sandbag run

* Share reps on the deadlift as required and each round weight increases.

Round 1 - 80 / 50 kg
Round 2 - 100 / 65 kg
Round 3 - 120 / 80 kg

Jun 22 2017

Friday: Snatch skill..


Every 2 mins for 5 sets:

1 Hang power snatch + 1 Full snatch


AMRAP in 15 mins of:

Row 200m
20 Wall balls 20 / 14 lbs
40 Double unders


At 20 mins - 

EMOM 6 of:

Ring muscle up

* Choose the reps and be consistent

Jun 21 2017

Thursday: Hot tin roof..

Jun 20 2017

Wednesday: Origin 2 - '2 on 2'

Jun 19 2017

Tuesday: Snake bite..

Jun 18 2017

Monday: Run volume..

Jun 16 2017

Saturday: Total control..

Jun 15 2017

Friday: 'Christine'

Jun 14 2017

Thursday: 'Angie'

Jun 13 2017

Wednesday: Hang on..

Jun 12 2017

Tuesday: Tabata with a buy in..