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CrossFit WOD

Jul 4 2015

Monday: Show Holiday.. 5pm class only

We have a bumper week ahead this week and it all begins with everyone getting a sleep in Monday for the Show Holiday.  There will only be a 5pm class on Monday with a monster team workout planned so make sure you come and see us in the arv to burn off the dagwood dogs and fairy floss.

We are going to do some testing as well this week and it begins Tuesday with the 1 mile run test.  We have been chipping away with our Tuesday run focus for a couple of months and I would expect that most of you guys would be keen to put their new found cardiovascular prowess to the test.

Thursday's WOD is the CrossFit Total (1 rep max in the Back squat, Press and Deadlift).  We have been working away hard at those strength numbers and you get your chance to measure your improvement. We don't test 1 rep maxes very often so don't miss this opportunity.  Off the back of this we will have good data to launch into another strength cycle so turning up Thursday will keep you on track and give you direction on future strength days.

It's Origin night again this Wednesday night so we have another giant team work out planned all day.  There were some outstanding efforts from people in getting into the spirit of things last Origin workout day but it is a decider so you need to be even better this time in!  I look forward to seeing what people come up with...


In teams of 3-4 - 

For time:

100 Cals row
80 Wall balls
60 Power cleans 70 / 50 kg
40 Snatches 50 / 30 kg
20 Muscle ups
40 Snatches 50 / 30 kg
60 Power cleans 70 / 50 kg
80 Wall balls
100 Cals row

* 35 minute time cap

Jul 3 2015

Saturday: Good looking team!!


In teams of 4 and in congo style - 

AMRAP in 25 mins of:

30 Wall balls
30 Deadlifts 80 / 55 kg
30 Front rack KB alt lunges 16 / 12 kg
30 Hand release push ups
Run 300m

* Enter into the congo line one athlete at a time and only moving forward once the station in front is clear.

Jul 2 2015

Friday: 'Nasty Girls'

This is the third installment of our Front squat EMOM.  The goal here will be to hold the same weight you have lifted for the 5 min EMOM and the 7 min EMOM (see June 11 blog). This extra bit of volume will be spicy but if you have chosen the right loads you will tough it out..  Have fun with it!


EMOM for 10 mins:

Front squat x 10 reps


'Nasty Girls'

3 rounds of:

50 Squats 
7 Muscle ups
10 Hang power cleans 62.5 / 45 kg


2 x max effort of:

Toes through rings

Jul 1 2015

Thursday: Be a work horse..


Every 2 mins for 5 total sets - 

Push press x 5 @ approx. 70-75%


EMOM for 20 mins:

Odd - 15 Row cals
Even - 15 Burpees


5 x 30 seconds Hendo crunches - 30 seconds plank


Jun 30 2015

Wednesday: Meaty Triplet..


Every 90 seconds for a total of 7 sets - 

Deadlift x 3 reps @ approx. 80%


3 rounds for time of:

20 Box jumps 30 / 24 " 
25 Pull-ups
30 KB swings 32 / 24 kg


Hip Extensions

5 x 30 seconds on - 30 seconds off

Jun 29 2015

Tuesday: 'JT' intervals...

Jun 28 2015

Monday: Twins wrap and Monday training

Jun 24 2015


Jun 22 2015

Tropic Thunder Twins this weekend!!

Jun 25 2015

Friday: Tropic Thunder Twins this Saturday!!

Jun 24 2015

Thursday: Fitness Concept 2 style..

Jun 23 2015

Wednesday: Interval WOD..

Jun 22 2015

Tuesday: Run Forrest...

Jun 21 2015

Monday: Fancy feet

Jun 19 2015

Saturday: Scorcher..

Jun 18 2015

Friday: EMOM skills day..

Jun 17 2015

Thursday: Fun 15's..

Jun 16 2015

Wednesday: Mate vs Mate..

Jun 15 2015

Tuesday: Time bomb..

Jun 13 2015

Lots of news..