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Friday: CFTSV Lockdown Open 20.1..

2nd April 2020

We are excited to be running the CFTSV Lockdown Open starting with 20.1 tomorrow!  We are going to release a workout each week for the next 4 weeks and thanks to the team at Competition Corner we have a leaderboard to keep track of everyone's progress.  The competition is free to enter and all you need for 20.1 is a single DB of any weight.  To register go to the link https://competitioncorner.net/events/3822 and use the password CFTSVStrong.  Then make sure you have your score entered by 3pm Monday!  If you have any questions message us on Facebook or email [email protected].  Can't wait to see all your scores! 



AMRAP in 9 mins of:

4 Alternating DB snatch
10 Burpees over the DB
8 Alternating DB snatch
10 Burpees over the DB 
12 Alternating DB snatch
10 Burpees over the DB

* Continue adding 4 reps to the DB snatch until the time cap is reached.  

Movement Standards

Alternating DB snatch - The movement begins with both heads of the DB touching the ground.  The DB must be moved in one motion from the ground to the overhead position.  At the top of the movement the DB must be held overhead with the elbow, hips and knees fully extended.  The DB must alternate hands and the athlete cannot switch hands until the DB is below the top of the head.

Burpee over the DB

The athlete will perform the Burpee lying lateral to the DB.  At the bottom of the movement the chest and thighs must touch the ground.  Any style of bringing the feet in and out may be used i.e. step in or jump in.  The athlete will then jump directly over the DB with a two foot take off and landing.  The athlete may jump side on or turn to face the DB.

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