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Jan 26 2021

Wednesday: Hurt Box..



Press 4 x 6 reps @ tempo 32x2

* Lift every 3 mins and stick to the tempo!!


For time:

30 / 21 Echo bike calories
20 Deadlifts 
10 Bar facing burpees
* Time cap 5 mins


Working with a partner 1:1 - 

10 rounds each of -
AMRAP in 90 seconds:
20 Jumping lunges or Alternating lunges
400 / 300m Bike erg (send it here!)
Max Single leg v-ups in remainder

At 33 mins - 

Min 1 - 20 Slow glute bridges
Min 2 - 20 Slow Dead bugs

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Jan 25 2021

Tuesday: Aussie Partner Hero WOD

Classes at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm and Fitness at 6pm!



'McDonald and Galagher' (Done a shade differently and with a little extra at the end)

2 rounds for time:
200m run together
16 KB swings (P1)
16 Pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (P2)
16 Front squats (P1) 30-50kg / 15-35kg

200m run together
14 KB swings (P2)
14 Pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (P1)
14 Front squats (P2) 30-50kg / 15-35kg

200m run together
12 KB swings (P1)
12 Pull-ups or jumping pull-ups (P2)
12 Front squats (P1) 30-50kg / 15-35kg

At the 25 min mark -
1788m Row
* Share anyhow

PTE Galagher & LCPL McDonald were serving together with the Special Operations Task Group in Afghanistan when they were tragically killed in a helicopter crash on 30 August, 2012.

McDonald enjoyed the heavy lifts such as front squats, and was known to swing up a kettlebell. Strength was his game. Therefore, the front squat and kettlebell swings are for him.

PTE Galagher was a man who loved his metabolic conditioning workouts. He was fast, strong,
and quick to find a pull up bar for his fitness programming. The pull-ups and 200m run are for him.


On a running clock - 

At 0 -
10 mins Bike erg
* 5 sets of 1 min hard - 1 min easy
(Target 600m / 540m)
2 mins rest

At 12 -
10 mins Row
* 5 sets of 1 min hard - 1 min easy
(Target 300m / 270m)
2 mins rest

At 24 -
10 mins Ski
(Target 280m / 240m)
* 5 sets of 1 min hard - 1 min easy

At 36 mins -
3 rounds of:
10 Plank walk ups
20 Mountain climbers
30 Bicycles
* 1 min rest

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Jan 24 2021

Monday: Brick Wall..

Little heads up folks that Tuesday is Australia Day and there will be no classes in the morning.  Classes are 4pm, 5pm and 6pm and Fitness is on at 6pm.  

If you are keen for something to do Tuesday morning though, head down to The Strand for the Australia Day 5k Fun Run and witness The Young Pup (Max Strickland) go head to head with The Old Bull (Dan Strickland).  Big bragging rights up for grabs!!

Speaking of bragging rights.. this Saturday morning is Class Wars.  For those unfamiliar with the CFTSV Class Wars we break up our classes into teams and compete across a number of events for the chance to be named the Fittest Class.   Check out the video below from a few years ago to give you a sneak peek of what's in stall if this will be your first Class Wars.. 

Teams are 5am (Wear White) v 6am/7am (Wear Red) v 8am/9am (Wear Blue v 4pm/5pm/6pm (Wear Yellow).  While the competition will be fierce it is a very fun morning and a great opportunity to hang out and meet people from other classes.  

Sign up is on the wall at the box but make sure you sign into the 5.30am class for Saturday.  Fitness crew we want you there and if you are only relatively new to the box then come in Blue and Strick will look after you ; )

Keen for a huge turnout and to see if Brycey's 6am/7am 'Red Dogs' can back it from last year.. Or will the 'White Walkers' 5am crew again get to etch their name onto the shield (they should because fair dinkum they are that stacked it's not funny!).. Or can the 'Sunset Subs' 4pm/5pm/6pm spring a surprise and actually have a crack this year.. One thing is for sure though the crowd favourites 'Mums and Bums' crew of 8am/9am will be the underdogs and as always fighting like true warriors right to the very end!

It's a 5.30am arrive for a 6am start!!



AMRAP in 20 mins of:

Run 400m
50 Double unders
7 Clean and jerks


AMRAP in 22 mins:

In partners and alternating movements -
3 Sled Pushes
9 Burpees
15 / 10 Cal Echo bike
21 Squat jumps
27 Plate side to sides

At 25 mins - 

EMOM 10:
Min 1 - 4 Bear crawls (3m) + 20 Slides
Min 2 - 4 Crab crawls (3m) + 20 Assups
* Need to go quick on the crawls!!

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Jan 22 2021

Saturday: Echo Madness..



In teams of 2 -

100 / 70 Echo Bike calories
50 Synchro Pull-ups or Jumping pull-ups
Run 400m
100 / 70 Echo Bike calories
35 Synchro CTB pull-ups or Jumping CTB pull-ups
Run 400m
100 / 70 Echo Bike calories
20 Synchro Bar muscle ups or Strict Burpee Jumping CTB pull-ups
Run 400m
* 37 min cap


In teams of 3 - 

3 rounds of:
4 min max Bike erg calories
3 min max Ski erg calories
2 min max Synchro burpees
* rest 3 mins after each round

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