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Mar 26 2020

Friday: Presses and Running clock


Strict press 5 x 5 reps

* Lift every 3 mins and hold across


Every 3 mins for 5 sets:

30 Double unders
20 Alternating DB snatches 22.5 / 15 kg

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Mar 25 2020

Thursday: Slog it out..

We hope everyone is hanging in there and staying positive.  We don't know how long things are going to continue like they are right now and potentially how much different things could get in the coming weeks but stay healthy and look out for one another.  Love you guys!


AMRAP in 20 mins of:

40 / 30 Calorie Bike erg
30 KB Goblet reverse lunges 24 / 16 kg
20 KB swings 24 / 16 kg

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Mar 24 2020

Wednesday: Monkey Business..


Wtd Pull-up 5 x 2 reps

* Go every 2.30 mins and build to heavy 2 rep


12-9-6 reps of:

Bar muscle up
DB Hang clean and jerk (each arm) 22.5 / 15 kg
Box jump over 30 / 24 "

* 12 min cap

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Mar 23 2020

Tuesday: Up Stream..

Wow!!  What an indescribable 24 hours it's been...  Aims and I never watch Sunday night TV but Leila had something on that had piqued our interest when out of nowhere big ScoMo hit the screens.. again.. with the news we had all been dreading.. LOCKDOWN!!  After a couple of conversations with my two rocks in all this B-Rice and B-Brown and a restless night sleep I was ready to address our wonderful morning classes.. or so I thought..  It didn't really hit me until I had to say the words 'we are shutting down effective from 12pm' and I lost my nerve a little (probably because of the mozzies or something) and realised just how real this thing we are confronted with is.  

Firstly, our hearts go out to our entire community and their families and we are completely understanding of anyone that needs to put their membership on hold for now.  We need to make the decisions that are best for us and our families, we are with you all the way, we love you and we will see you on the other side of this craziness.

To the folks that are in a position to continue their membership with us we can only say how much we appreciate your support.  We will endeavour to give you the best possible value for your hard earned dollars and we are taking the outstanding commitment you have made to us very, very seriously.

Hopefully by now you have access to our members only 'CrossFit Townsville Lockdown' Facebook page.  Within that will be all the details you need to make your health your priority and ensure when the virus does eventually come knocking you are as physically fit and strong as you can be to tackle it.

We will however, continue to post our daily workout right here, like we always do, as a resource for anyone wanting to get their training in.  

Finally, none of what we have been able to achieve with our communication through FB, messages, and getting back to emails would be possible without my incredible wife Aimee.  If the boys are my rocks then she is my guardian angel!

Thank you as always for your continued trust and support!

Be safe!


Power clean 7 x 3 reps

* Lift every 2 mins and build to a heavy 3 rep touch and go


5 rounds for time of:

10 Deadlifts 102.5 / 70 kg
15 Push-ups
20 / 15 Calorie row

* 13 min cap

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