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Jul 17 2019

Thursday: Snatch EMOM..


EMOM for 4 mins of:

1 Snatch pull + 1 Muscle snatch + 1 High hang power snatch (use light load)

rest 1 min

EMOM for 5 mins of:

1 Snatch pull + 1 Hang power snatch (use moderate load)

rest 1 min

Every 30 seconds for 12 sets:

1 Power snatch (use heavy load)


Every 3 mins for 4 sets:

15 / 10 Ski Calories
50 Double unders

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Jul 16 2019

Wednesday: Push-Pull..


AMRAP in 20 mins of:

20 / 12 Calorie Bike Erg
15 T2B
20m Sled push
15 Pull-ups

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Jul 15 2019

Tuesday: 'Optimus Prime'


Front squat 5 x 3 reps

* Lift every 3 mins and hold across for all sets


'Optimus Prime'

AMRAP in 7 mins of:

Wall balls

* On the top of every minute do 5 Deadlifts 102.5 / 70 kg

Workout courtesy of CrossFit New England.

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Jul 13 2019

Monday: Road work..

The Townsville Allstars Event is this Saturday and CFTSV will be hosting this years event.  With over 50 teams registered it is going to be a huge weekend so if you are not competing make sure you come down and support one of our many teams having a crack. 

We have a wonderful team of CFTSV men and women that have put their hands up to assist in the running of the event over the weekend.  To you guys thank you and stay tuned for more info through the week which will include times you will be needed etc..

Unfortunately with the event running from very early Saturday through to Sunday afternoon there will be no Saturday CrossFit classes or Yoga on Sunday.  Apologies for any inconvenience.


Every 9 mins for 3 sets:

Run 400m
rest 40 seconds
Run 300m
rest 30 seconds
Run 200m
rest 20 seconds
Run 100m


At 30 mins - 

Tabata Ab mat sit-up

* Hollow hold in 10 sec rest

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