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Friday: CFTSV Test 1..

26th November 2020

Today begins a series of 3 test workouts we are going to run on consecutive Friday's.  Each workout is testing something a little bit different and with the year coming to a close it is a nice opportunity to get a benchmark on where your fitness sits right now.  Rest assured we will wheel these workouts back out early next year and then once or twice again throughout the year.  Today we are looking at our aerobic capacity and specifically our run and burpee ability.  We would normally see this type of workout turn up on a Monday and it is this simple formula that has become the backbone of the CFTSV program!!


'CFTSV Test 1'

On a continuously running clock -

On 0 - Run 1 mile 
* record time
On 10 - 100 Burpees 
* record time or number of burpees
On 20 - Run 1 mile 
* record time


In teams of 3 -

8km / 7km Ski Erg
16km / 14km Bike Erg

P1: Ski's
P2: Bike 's
P3: 1 Round:
15 Wallballs
12 Jumping Pull Ups
9 V Ups/H Ups

*40min cap

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