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Crossfit WOD

Monday: Burp-Helen Intervals..

10th May 2020

Another week rolls by and we are still in lockdown with the doors to CFTSV closed but hopefully we are inching towards some restrictions being lifted and we may see some developments in the not to distant future.  

We hope everyone is keeping themselves fit and spending this time to reassess your values and what is important to you.  I challenge everyone to come out the other side of COVID-19 with the satisfaction they have developed something in their life to a whole new level ..  In our world that might mean being better at HSPU or more efficient on the rower but it can also be refining a skill like your cooking, getting the yard in order or strengthening your family connections.  There are definitely silver linings to take out of all this so don't waste the extra time you may have on your hands.


Every 4 mins for 5 rounds:

Run 400m
21 KB swings 
12 Burpees

* Goal is sub 3 minute rounds.. If you are unable to do this first round switch the workout to every 5 mins for 4 rounds.


At 25 mins - 


3 rounds of:

10 Plank walk ups
20 Plank climbers
30 Plank split jumps
40 sec Plank hold

* rest 1 min after each round

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