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Monday: Downsizing..

17th July 2019

What a fantastic weekend we had at the Townsville Allstars Alliance event.  Congratulations to our many teams that competed throughout the weekend with a special mention to Rossi, Nickers, Naree, Griff, Nic and Tommy who took second in the Intermediate division and to Riki, Bryce, Shane, Ellen, Mary and Tash who took out the Advanced competition.

Big shout out to the Allstars Army.. Can't tell you how much I love you guys and how much I appreciated you time and effort over the weekend!!


AMRAP in 9 mins of:

Run 400m
9 Power cleans 45 / 30 kg
9 Burpees

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 6 mins of:

Run 200m
6 Power cleans 52.5 / 35 kg
6 Burpees

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 3 mins of:

Run 100m (in shuttles)
3 Power cleans 62.5 / 42.5 kg
3 Burpees


EMOM 6 of:

3 V-ups
3 Hollow rocks
* add 3 reps each round

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