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Monday: Partner Run Benchmark..

7th June 2020

Wasn't it awesome and somewhat surreal to be back in the gym at last the past week.  It was short notice and the programming was already completed to accomodate for outdoor classes but we were all able to adjust quickly and make it happen so we were once again able to take advantage of the awesome facility that is CrossFit Townsville. 

I guess that has been the big take home in this 'lockdown' period, adjustment and adaptability.  Things like signing in prior to classes, sanitising hands before and after class and cleaning all the equipment you use in the session are all part of the new norm and you guys have embraced this like everything else that has been thrown your way.. with aplomb!! 

I couldn't be prouder of our team too, for also being able to adjust to whatever changes we have needed to make.  From home PT's, Zoom classes, and pick up and delivery of equipment, it hasn't mattered what we have asked it has been completed without questions and without hesitation.

Above all though the one person I just can't imagine we would have been able to do this without is the amazing Aimee!!  She has been a pillar of strength throughout this time and has been armed and ready for every single curve ball we received.  There are many gyms in Queensland and in Townsville that didn't open when the green light was given last week  but because of the organisation skills and communication Aimee has brought to the table we were able to strike immediately!

Once again though, the only reason we are in this position is because of you.. our CFTSV members!  Your loyalty will be paid back in spades and indeed has already begun with the acquisition of 10 brand new Echo Bikes.  You were there for us when we needed you and you have helped us get through the toughest of times.  Now sit tight and watch this space because we are poking our heads through the other side and we have big plans : )


'Partner Run Benchmark'

With a partner and working 1:1 -

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m each
Run 200m each
Run 100m each

* 22 min cap


At 25 mins - 

2 sets of:

30 Hollow rocks
30 V-ups
1 min plank

* rest 60 seconds

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