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Crossfit WOD

Monday: Peel Through..

6th February 2021

The gym is an absolute buzz at the moment and it seems with another title under their belts the 5am crew is proving the class to be in at the moment ; )  In all seriousness though we know that particular class is one that works very well for lots of our members as it allows them to get their training in before work and right now it's popularity is at an all time high with full wait lists well into a week in advance.  We are well aware of this demand and working hard to make sure we accommodate as many folks as possible but we encourage you to have a back up class in mind.  We also encourage consideration for your fellow 5amers. We see that we are booked up weeks in advance... Please make sure you are keeping on top of your bookings and cancelling well in advance if you know you can't make it... and showing up when you are booked in.  All that being said.. don't forget we run an awesome Fitness class at 5am as well that you can utilise to get your daily fix.  As usual thank you for your support and understanding.
The CFTSV Team..



Every 6 mins for 5 rounds:

15 / 10 Calorie Ski erg
9 Burpee box jump overs
15 KB swings 24 / 16 kg
200m run
* Record time for each round


AMRAP in 7 mins of:

7 Ab wheel rollouts
7 Strict T2B
14 Hollow rocks


On a running clock - 

AMRAP in 7 mins:
Row 10 / 7 cals
5 Lateral burpees over the rower

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 7 mins:
Bike erg 400 / 300m
8 DB Push press

rest 3 mins

AMRAP in 7 mins:
Shuttle run across the green 6 laps
11 Sit-ups

rest 3 mins

At 30 min mark -
3 sets of:
DB hold between feet 20 seconds + Punch at feet 20 seconds
5 DB get up sit-ups each arm
* rest 1 min after each set

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