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Tuesday: Lay it on the line..

18th November 2019

Next weekend (Saturday November 30th) is our Annual Class Wars and we can't wait for this year in the new box.  The defending champs, Strick's 9.30am, are the underdogs yet again and will this year put together a team that is light on in numbers but heavy with courage, determination and sheer will.  Joint winners from last year, B-Brown's 5am, are again the team to beat as they yet again stack themselves with numbers in an effort to buy another premiership.  The afternoon crew have bolstered their ranks this year and under the tutelage of the wily old fox, Andrew Ross will be the ones to watch.  The 6am team, led by their fearless leader Brycey, are once again long shots to make any impact in this years championship and expect them to live up to their nickname of The Anchor, by finishing at the bottom!

One thing is for sure if you have never experienced a Class Wars you are in for a treat.  It is highly competitive with big stakes on the line but it is a really fun couple of hours where the bulk of the CFTSV community get together to hang out.

So make sure you get your name on a roster!! This year we have put a $20 rego on the event with every cent going to support our amazing Olympic Weightlifter Sarah Cochrane.  Pay your $20 in cash at the front desk or on the day.  You will also get a breakie wrap after Class Wars is completed which has been kindly donated by Sal and The Tribe Cafe team.

Can't wait for the action!!!


"Lay it On the Line"

50 / 35 Calorie bike (erg or AB) - 2 min 
25 OH squats 52.5 / 35 kg
15 CTB Pull-ups
5 D-ball cleans 65 / 45 kg
15 CTB Pull-ups
25 OH squats 52.5 / 35 kg
50 / 35 Calorie bike (AB or erg) - 2 min 

* The goal in today's workout is to find a big push on the bike efforts.  Commit yourself to completing the calories under the tight cap and deal with what is to come after that.  The cap on the bike effort applies at both ends of the workout and carries a 10 burpee penalty if you are not successful so take the challenge up and get under that cap!

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