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Crossfit WOD

Tuesday: Roundabout..

29th July 2019

Only a couple of days until Baydo hits the floor for his debut appearance at the CrossFit Games!  

This Saturday we would like to pay tribute to Baydo and his achievements one more time by doing our workout this Saturday with everyone wearing some sort of Baydo supporter T-shirt.  We are only going to run two classes again (5.30am and 6.30am) so we can overlap and get one giant photo with everyone in it that we can send to him for good luck. 

Don't worry if you don't own a Baydo shirt we still want you in the photo!!!


Deadlift 5 x 5 reps

* Lift every 3 mins and hold across for all sets


In teams of 3 - 

AMRAP in 10 mins of:

8 Burpee box jump overs 24 / 20 "
8 T2B

* Next person begins when Burpee box jump overs are completed.

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