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Crossfit WOD

Wednesday: Remember!!!

10th November 2020

We are very proud to be co-hosting with the Tribe Cafe, a "BBQ to Remember" on Wednesday November 11.   We are fortunate to have a number of serving and former serving defence personnel training with us so we wanted to make Remembrance Day a little extra special.  Today's workout is a doozy and has some November 11 significance so don't miss out on that and then following that, from 6am-8.30am head into the Tribe Cafe, make a donation of any kind and get yourself a burger.  All funds are going to the tremendous organisation SWISS 8 who, founded by a group of combat veterans, have developed a proactive mental health program that is delivered via an app.  The program is designed to help reduce anxiety, build structure and take ownership of your life.  With the year we have had these types of initiatives are more important than ever so we would love you to show your support Wednesday mornings!!



AMRAP in 25 mins of:

11 DB Front rack step back lunges right leg
11 DB Front rack step back lunges left leg
20 Push-ups
20 Calorie row
100m Farmers carry


In partners - 

5 Rounds
500m Bike Erg each
*Partner hollow holds
100m Sled Push each
*Partner holds plate overhead
20 Burpees each
*Partner bear hugs plate

*Every 5 min including 0 min everyone completes
11 Push Ups
11 Squats
11 Crunches

* 30 min cap

At 32 min mark
3 min Partner Wall Sit
*every break 10 full circle russian twists (5 each way)

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